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14 November tarot rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily rashifal, shaniwar ka rashifal, saturday tarot horoscope | 12 में से 6 राशियों के लिए शुभ रहेगा 14 नवंबर का दिन और बाकी लोगों को सतर्क रहकर करना होगा काम

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2 month ago

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  • Aries people may face family problems, Taurus people should keep calm on Saturday

On Saturday, November 14, some people may find success. There will be a pleasant atmosphere in the family. However, some people will have to work cautiously. According to tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh, know how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs on Saturday, November 14.


You will be held responsible for family related incidents, but you have to learn to move forward by adopting the truth of the matter. Do not discuss the past. Trying to get new work opportunities will take time to succeed. It can be difficult for you to maintain planning throughout the day.

Career: There will be trouble at the beginning of new work but with time the work will become easier.

Love: Do not pay much attention to the negative aspects of the relationship.

Health: There may be discomfort associated with the knees.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 1

Taurus – THE MOON

Do not let your peace of mind be disturbed by the behavior of others. Willfully someone will try to pull you down but in such a situation it will be your responsibility to keep yourself positive. Do not discuss more about the changes happening in personal life.

Career: It can be difficult to find a job according to you.

Love : The anger of the partner will have a negative effect on the relationship.

Health: Sugar related problems can be persistent.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 5


You may get upset because of the thoughts going on in your mind. He kept trying to make his thoughts positive by staying in reality. Concerns about the future will be disturbed, but do not pay much attention to such thoughts. Due to increasing mental stress, no one will feel like associating with anyone. Try to encourage yourself by spending some time in solitude.

Career : Despite the progress in work, there will be lack of confidence.

Love: Negativity will remain in the mind due to suffering by the beloved person

Health: More stress will affect sleep.

Lucky color: rose

Lucky number: 9


People will remain in the family. Being introduced to more people can increase your emotional confusion. Pay attention to how to control your emotions and how to maintain positivity. Use your words thoughtfully, otherwise your discomfort may increase.

Career: With your hard work you can beat the competitor.

Love: Increasing negativity in the mind will affect the relationship.

Health: Piles may cause related discomfort.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number: 8


Today it can be difficult for you to maintain focus on one thing. Due to the past experiences, bitterness will be more, which is affecting your present. Due to increasing anger towards people, you will not be able to concentrate on work. Do pranayama and prayer to keep the mind calm and focused.

Career: The youth may face problems at work.

Love: Despite many efforts by you, it will be difficult to see the positive effect in the relationship.

Health: Headache and body pain will be painful, but it can be difficult to diagnose it.

Lucky color: Brown

Lucky number: 1


Today you have to decide to focus on one place of work or home. Not able to see the change in work, your enthusiasm for work is working and family members may need you right now, so try to make big changes by yourself until your situation shows positive effect as expected. Do not.

Career : People associated with music field can find guidance of qualified person.

Love: The partner will need your help but the partner will not be able to speak this openly.

Health: Young children may have respiratory problems.

Lucky color: Red

Lucky number : 2


You may take a little more time to see big progress in life. For the time being, think about the opportunities and keep trying to improve the qualities inside you. This will be the last reading of the problems related to economic problems. You will get financial happiness in life in near future.

Career: Your effort to increase the business further will be successful.

Love : The youth will get the desired partner.

Health: There will be little fluctuation in health.

Lucky Color: Orange

Lucky number: 6

Scorpio – TEN OF CUPS

Those who are away from the family can get the happiness of the family soon. You will enjoy spending time with family and family members can also encourage each other to grow by increasing their confidence. It can be a decision related to property or big purchase.

Career: You may get the job suddenly as per your expectation.

Love: Partners will maintain a cordial relationship, yet do not make the mistake of getting closer to each other.

Health: Health will be fine.

Lucky color: Purple

Lucky number : 2


It will be easy for you to shape the plan made today. Money will be worried from the beginning of the day, but your efforts to bring change will also continue. Less related journey will be successful. The possibility of spending more on one person in the family.

Career: People related to financial planning or insurance will be able to earn more money in less work.

Love: Not being responsible for the partner will hurt you a bit.

Health: Small operation can be done to correct problems related to eyes.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 4


You know well which person has to be removed from your talk and which person to pass. You are mostly right to judge a person, yet today when deciding about anyone, you have to re-examine your thoughts.

Career: In terms of work, time will have to be kept.

Love : Trying to split from partner can be successful.

Health: There will be discomfort associated with bone.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 8


It can be easy for you today to establish synergy between people of different nature. Move forward only with the help of people, especially when it is related to money. Now is not the right time to build a new house or property, so do not panic when deciding.

Career: Do not give up quickly from the situation.

Love: You will succeed to bring stability in the relationship.

Health: Urine infection can cause discomfort.

Lucky color: Green

Lucky number: 3


The effort is made by both individuals to make the best of any relationship. Helping people by exceeding their personal limits will be a pain for you and the help of their money can harm you.

Career : Not getting proper category of work done will make you sad and it can also have an impact on your financial situation.

Love: Trying to control everything a partner can do to increase stress.

Health: In order to cure the imbalance created in the body, treatment has to be taken with the advice of a qualified doctor.

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky number: 7