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20 February, Saturday Rashifal, kundali rashifal for shaniwar, shaniwar ka rashifal, daily horoscope by dr ajay bhambi, Saturday horoscope | 20 फरवरी को बन रहे हैं दो शुभ योग, मिथुन-सिंह राशि के लिए शुभ रहेगा दिन, कन्या राशि के लोग अहंकार से बचें

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  • 20 February, Saturday Rashifal, Kundali Rashifal For Shaniwar, Shaniwar Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope By Dr Ajay Bhambi, Saturday Horoscope

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On Saturday, February 20, there will be Rohini Nakshatra. With this constellation on Saturday, auspicious yoga is formed named Srivatsa. Along with this, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga will also remain on this day. Any auspicious work can be started in these yogas. On Saturday, people of Gemini and Leo can get good news. People of Virgo will have to avoid arrogance, otherwise loss may occur.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs Saturday, February 20


Positive Withdrawal or lending can easily be repaid today, so keep trying. However, you will be able to get your work out of your intelligence and ability. The youth will get favorable results of their hard work.

NegativeWith the arrival of money, the condition of expenses will also remain. So keep your proper budget. Do not get into the words of others, you may be deceived. Postpone the task of buying and selling land today.

The business– You will get new offers from some trusted parties, which will be very profitable. Do not be negligent in any government work. Government servants may get some good news related to jobs by high officials.

Love– Spending some time with family in a busy routine will keep you fresh. The atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant and pleasant.

HealthDo not let stress overwhelm you. This can cause hormonal problems. Also pay attention to Yoga and meditation.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 9


Positive– Work related plans will be made at home. Your advice will be given due consideration in discussing important family related topics. There will be some unexpected changes in life which will be lucky for you.

Negative– Any unknown negative activity of the child may disturb you. Try to explain by keeping friendly behavior instead of scolding. Do not have any contact with unknown person today.

The business– Do not share your work related plans with anyone in the work area. There is a need to meditate more on our work at this time. Keep in mind that only one of your employees can use your activities.

Love– Mutual harmony between husband and wife will remain appropriate. Do not waste your time in vain love affairs.

Health– Health will be fine. Sloths can dominate due to the changing weather.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Political contacts will provide some auspicious opportunities for you. Today is a particularly auspicious day for women. Your talent and ability will help you achieve a new place.

Negative– Keep in mind that any past negative talk can spoil you even today. Therefore, apply your energy to the present circumstances. Students need to pay more attention to their studies, do not be careless.

The business– Keep complete transparency in the files related to loans, taxes etc. in business. Your relationships with employees will boost their confidence and will also increase their work capacity. Promotion opportunities are being created in the job.

Love– Spouses will respect each other’s feelings appropriately. The cooperation of spouse and family in each of your work will keep you energetic.

Health– Problems like foot pain and swelling may remain. Be sure to have your checkup and get appropriate treatment.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 5


Positive– Appropriate time will be spent in spiritual and religious activities today. A close relative may also get an opportunity to attend the ceremony here. Accompanying experienced people will further enhance your work capacity and personality.

Negative– Do not discuss your plans and activities with anyone. One can also miss important work due to fatigue and laziness. Be gentle in nature. Anger can worsen situations.

The businessToday, most of your work will be done through phone and contact sources. Financial condition will also be better. Time is full of achievements, make full use of it. Employment people will suddenly get some good news.

Love– Avoid small things in married life. This will increase your closeness. Love relations will also remain emotional.

Health– Health may be disturbed due to irregular routine. Take care of yourself. Include yoga and exercise in your daily routine.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 2


Positive– Today, maximum time will be spent in meeting and entertaining friends and relatives. You will make yourself feel happy and energetic. Today will be full of achievements for you from an economic point of view. A nearby trip can also be planned.

NegativeIt is important to keep in mind that you trust your ability rather than the advice of others. There will be concern about the health of any member of the household. Some of your important works may also remain incomplete.

Business Make maximum use of media related contacts. Proper coordination with your management and employees in the field will make the production even more. The situation will remain the same for the people of the job.

Love– Mutual love between the members of the house will be complete. It is important to have transparency in love relationships. Minor misunderstandings can spoil relationships.

Health– There will be problem of gas and constipation. Drink plenty of fluids. Exercise is also important.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 1


Positive– It will make you happy to cooperate in the trouble of a dear friend. Ignore the rumors. Be devoted to your work, you will surely get some important achievement. Auspicious information related to child labor can also be found at home.

NegativeIf there is a plan to take a loan related to the property or vehicle, then it needs to be reconsidered. Keep your mind restrained, sometimes ego and vanity can distract you from your goal.

The businessToday, production will be revived due to any money-related bottleneck. Most of the work will be completed smoothly. But stay away from any risk aversion. Employment people should take special care towards their work.

Love– Suddenly meeting any friend will provide happiness. The atmosphere of the house will remain good.

Health– Health will remain good. You will feel mentally and physically healthy and energetic.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 5


Positive– Family plans will be made for any religious visit. Any achievement of children will bring relief and relief. The youth will also feel relieved from any dilemma and they will also get courage to take decisions related to the future.

Negative– Due to the interference of others, your daily routine may be messy. It is better to take any decision yourself. Keep a softness in your behavior while interacting with anyone.

The business– Any proposal related to business expansion will be received. Which will prove beneficial in the near future. There is also a need to bring some changes in business activities at this time. Try to resolve state affairs a little carefully.

Love– In spite of excessive busyness, make sure to take some time for the family as well. Due to this, mutual love and harmony will remain in the family.

Health– Do not be careless about your food and daily routine. Keep a positive attitude.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Before taking any decision, thinking carefully on it, the circumstances will be completely in your favor. At this time you will get proper results according to the hard work you do. Students will also get rid of any hindrance in their studies.

Negative– Skepticism or confusion can arise in your family members. And because of this, relations will also get sour. Keep respect for the elders of the house. Do not let negative thoughts flourish inside you.

The business– Postpone all marketing related work today. Keep your focus on the business site itself. Try to complete your orders on time. This will make your best image. There will also be an excess of workload in the office.

Love– The atmosphere of the house will be pleasant and orderly. There may also be a marriage related conversation of an unmarried member of the household.

Health– Stay away from risky tasks. Injuries on falling are being created.

Lucky color– dark yellow

Lucky number– 9


Positive– Meeting dignified people will be beneficial and respectful. Your personality will also improve. At this time planet transits are creating some new achievements for you. Which will prove to be very beneficial for you in future.

Negative– Do not take interest in any immoral act. This may hurt your honor. It is also important to control your expenses. Students can deviate from their goals due to fun.

The businessSuddenly, contact with an old party will be established today and you are likely to get new orders as well. Do not invest today in works like shares, speculation etc. Due to any mistake in the office, you may have to bear the displeasure of the boss or high officials.

Love– Due to any misunderstanding between husband and wife will be noisy. Do not let this affect the family system. Love-relationship will remain sweet.

Health– Regular check up of problems like blood pressure, diabetes etc. Do not be careless about your health at this time.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 3


PositiveToday, such a pleasant event will happen to you that you will be surprised yourself. Identify your abilities. There will be movement of guests in the house and mutual reconciliation will make everyone happy.

Negative– Make sure to thoroughly examine the documents in the land related works. Do consult your well-wisher in court case related matters. However, a little wisdom and understanding will work.

The business– Also keep in mind the suggestions of the employees to run the business related activities smoothly. This will help you make better decisions. There can be some kind of politics in the government office, so there is a need to be cautious.

Love– Proper coordination and harmony will be maintained at both home and business. While talking to persons of opposite sex, be sure to take decorum.

Health– Health will be normal. Do not ignore the current environment. Follow health regulations.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 8


PositiveToday, there will be a festive atmosphere at home on the best achievement of a family member. By meeting some political people, your popularity will increase and the scope of public relations will also be expanded.

Negative – There is a need to be very careful while transacting money-money. You may have a cheat clock. Work wisely and wisely in solving any problem in the house. Do not spend much time in making any decision.

The business– Solid decisions taken at the workplace will prove to be excellent and success will also be achieved. But, do not disclose your methodology to others. At this time you need to be careful with your opponents.

Love– Do not interfere in the affairs of the house and keep aside small things. This will make the system reasonable. It is important to respect the feelings of your love partner.

Health– Health will remain good. Sometimes laziness can occur in nature due to change in weather.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Today planet transits are very favorable for you. You will achieve significant achievement through your discretion and understanding. You are also likely to get a title in a religious place. Any property related work can also be done.

Negative– Spend some time with your close relatives. This will improve mutual relations. Do not let negative old things dominate. But, your own important work may also stop in solving the issues of others.

The business– It is not advisable to get involved with your colleagues in the workplace on anything. Some legal or investment related complications may also be encountered at this time. There is a situation of any kind of relocation or transfer in the job.

Love– There will be sweetness and closeness in husband-wife relationship. But it is advisable to stay away from extramarital affairs.

Health– There will be mental and physical fatigue due to excessive workload. Yoga and meditation are the appropriate treatment.

Lucky color– Cream

Lucky number– 3