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21 November tarot rashifal, aaj ka rashifal for saturday, shaniwar ka rashifal, daily rashifal, 21 november ka rashifal | 21 नवंबर को मेष राशि के लोगों की चिंताएं बढ़ सकती हैं, वृष राशि के लोग निर्णय सोच-समझकर लें

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2 month ago

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  • According to tarot cards, how will it be for all 12 zodiac signs, Saturday, November 21

On Saturday, November 21, the concerns of the people of Aries can increase. A new problem may emerge. People of Taurus should take decisions related to children carefully. According to Tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh, know how the day of November 21 will be for all the 12 zodiac signs …


Your concern may increase due to some health related problems to the family members, but this situation will also be cured in the next one or two days. It will be difficult for you to decide what to focus on between personal life and work. Due to which mental stress can also be formed on you.

Career: Try to handle difficult tasks.

Love: With the help of partner, your confidence will not be reduced even in difficult situation.

Health: There may be a problem of viral infection.

Lucky color: Orange

Lucky number: 3


While deciding the career of the children, take the help of a career counselor. People younger than you in the family may need money. Where and how they are using the money. It will be necessary to pay attention to this matter.

Career: Due to the lack of money, the mind can get up from work.

Love: Happiness will be received by children, whose husband and wife will be able to celebrate.

HealthDo not ignore stomach discomfort.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 5

मिथुन – TWO OF WANDS

The present will need to stabilize itself when planning the future. You can get opportunities to visit abroad quickly. While taking work related advice, do not tell the person more than necessary. If you want to change the house or city, then you will also get this opportunity soon.

Career: People associated with media will be able to increase their work further.

Love: May have to stay away from partner due to job or work.

Health: Possibility of having a small accident in the lifestyle of Bhagdor, drive the vehicle carefully.

Lucky color : Brown

Lucky number: 2


After hard work you will get fruits, which you will be able to enjoy with your friends. Friends may meet with family after a long time. Through this meeting you can get a chance to get close to each other again.

Career: Due to the fruit of work, the atmosphere will be excited. You will be able to meet the target associated with money easily.

Love: Partners will try to get closer to each other.

Health: May worry about health

Lucky color: Green

Lucky Number: 1


Today some events will be according to your mind and some effects against the mind against the mind will be more visible to you. Talk carefully while talking to people. Otherwise you may have to take the trouble. Not being able to see progress in spite of efforts going on for many days will increase your anxiety at night.

Career: May have to stay away from family due to work related travel. Which will have an effect on your mental state.

Love: There may be a quarrel with a partner over something old.

Health: Respiratory discomfort can occur during the night.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 8


The energy around you will make you think about yourself. Due to your thinking, problems are being created by you. So keep trying to erase the negativity inside you and work on your plan.

Career: You will get a big job related chance. The benefit of which you can get immediately.

Love: Do not let the behavior of family members affect your relationship.

Health: To cure the rising heat and acidity in the body, take help of natural medicines.

Lucky color: Brown

Lucky number : 5


Today you can get more pleasure than expected in everything. Being happy, it will be easy for you to overcome even difficult situations. You are learning to keep yourself happy in every situation. In order to get to know it better, we kept practicing Mindfulness Meditation.

Career: You can get respect because of your work.

Love: You will get happiness by partner.

Health: One will feel re-energized as the chronic illness recovers.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 1


No matter how difficult the situation is, someone will support you. Friend can help to fix the financial situation. Speaking out your feelings to a friend may make you feel lighter. Someone in the family may have to face some problem or the other and not being able to help you will make you sad.

Career: When taking help from someone to complete a difficult task, try to make them realize their entire situation.

Love: You can gain confidence by partner.

Health: Do not ignore the injury to the body.

Lucky color: rose

Lucky number: 4

Sagittarius – SIX OF CUPS

It can be difficult for you to stick to one thing. While implementing the plan, changes will have to be made again and again, due to which people may lose faith in you. But, after completing the work you will be able to regain the same confidence.

Career: Prioritize your work more than anything else at the moment.

Love: Any love proposal can come from the place of work.

Health: Make a small change in the living space, by which new energy will be obtained. Which can be helpful for healing.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number: 6


Today you will get to learn about new things and their responsibilities. Due to the talk of the family person, fear may arise in you. But, he just wants to alert you for your own good. Keep in mind this matter.

Career: Increasing responsibility in household work and office can make you unstable.

Love: Confusion going on in your mind about a person will increase even more.

Health: Changing environment can affect children’s health.

Lucky color: Gray

Lucky number: 7


One may have to go abroad in connection with the job. If you are going for a long time then try to take your family with you or else both work and family worries will haunt you.

Career: Your career related dreams will be fulfilled.

Love: When taking a big decision, the husband and wife will fully support each other.

Health: Can cause children with chest related disorders.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number: 6


With your efforts and hard work, you will be able to overcome the shadow of the crisis created on you. It will be easy for you to attract any person from your talk. Complete government work within the purview of the rule.

Career: The work which was not progressing for a long time. There will be a sudden positive change in it.

Love: Efforts to resolve ongoing disputes in partners will be successful.

Health: Acupuncture therapy will be helpful to relieve body discomfort.

Lucky color: Green

Lucky number : 1