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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijay shankar mehta, life management tips by pandit vijay shankar mehta, motivational story from upanishad | किसी को सलाह देना हो तो उसकी अच्छाई-बुराई ध्यान रखें, बुरी आदतों से उसका नुकसान न हो, ऐसा ज्ञान दें

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2 month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story- The Upanishads say that Brahmaji has three children – gods, demons and humans. One day these three reached Brahmaji. The three asked him to give us a sermon that would make our life successful.
Brahmaji gave the word to all three. The meaning of the word de was different for the three gods, demons and humans. First of all, Brahma said to the gods that there is too much enjoyment in your life, therefore de means oppression for you. Daman means control. Controlling your senses.

Brahmaji said to humans that I have given you the word de so that you donate to it. Donation means service. The best thing that can be done by human body is to serve someone. Serving is the main religion of humans.

Finally, Brahma told the demons that you are violent. It is your nature to fight. For you de means mercy. You are oppressive and will commit violence throughout your life, so remember one thing to be kind to others.

Learning – We should also do what Brahmaji did. Whenever someone has to impart knowledge, teach, explain, then keep an eye on the person’s nature, habits and psychology. Understand the good and bad habits of the person, his interest, goals. Only after this, keep this foresight that in the future what damage will it do to its evils, with what knowledge will it compensate for that loss? The same knowledge, teaching or advice should be given.

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Always keep using something in your work, new methods increase the importance of your success.

There are five things that bring unrest and destruction in our lives, stay away from these wrong practices

When people praise you, find falsehood in it, if criticize, seek truth in it.

It is different to accept or not follow the advice given by the life partner, but never make fun of his advice

Confusion not only weakens you, but can also cause defeat

The first lesson in life management, before saying anything, it is important to understand who is the hearer.