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2 month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Mahatma Gandhi used to start political meetings with prayer, so that everyone could pay attention to his words.

story- The episode is associated with Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Kripalani. Acharya Kripalani’s full name was JB Kripalani. He was a very big and educated leader of our country. One day Acharya Kripalani went to Gandhiji’s meeting. Gandhiji used to offer prayers in the beginning whenever he held a meeting. Kripalani was seated with a heart, because he was not an atheist, so he was not interested in prayer.

Kripalani was thinking that if Gandhiji would pray, it would mean talking to God and I do not believe in God. It is a waste of time, but for Gandhiji, prayer did not mean asking for anything from God, for him prayer was a process of boosting morale.

The whole atmosphere became religious as soon as Gandhiji started praying. Kripalani felt that he would now give these sermons. Are we sitting in a temple? Have we come to do religion? We have to liberate the country and are making these prayers, but the atmosphere that was created after that prayer and when Gandhiji spoke his words was completely political.

The impact of prayer increased people’s acceptability, awakening their morality, which was most needed at that time. Seeing this scene of Gandhiji’s meeting, Kripalani agreed that an atheist like me, with the effect of prayer being used in this meeting, took the offerings of patriotism. Therefore, this word of Gandhi said Ramrajya is relevant till today. The word Ram in Gandhiji’s Ramrajya is past, which has passed. The state is the future and patriotism is the present.

Learning– Work in any system. Follow the rules and laws for your country and to think what good can give to the country, Ramrajya will have to understand. We should use Gandhiji’s prayer-like experiment at the beginning of our work.

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