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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, krishna and rukmini story, balram and rukmi story, rukmi vadh, life management tips by pandit vijay shankar mehta | जब दो रिश्तेदारों में विवाद हो जाए तब हमें मौन रहना चाहिए, वरना रिश्ते टूट सकते हैं

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  • Aaj Ka Jeevan Mantra By Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta, Krishna And Rukmini Story, Balram And Rukmi Story, Rukmi Vadh, Life Management Tips By Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta

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One month ago

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  • Balaram had slaughtered Rukmini’s brother Rukmi, then Sri Krishna kept quiet, but later explained to the wife and brother

story- We can learn from Sri Krishna how the relationships are handled. There is an incident of marriage of Sri Krishna’s grandson Anirudh. At that time, Yaduvanshi went to Bhojkat Nagar with a procession. At the time of marriage, Rukmi, brother of Sri Krishna’s brother, Rukmini, called Balarama to gamble.

Balarama did not know how to gamble properly, but he enjoyed playing. He also sat down to play back. Balaram was initially losing. Because of this Rukmi was making fun of Balarama.

Balaram won the game after some time. Rukmi then jokingly said, ‘What will you win, cowherd.’

Rukmi was not ready to give up. The other kings present there were also in favor of Rukmi. All were insulting Balarama. Sri Krishna was watching all these from a distance.

Balarama got angry after seeing his victory humiliated. He picked up Mudgar and struck Rukmi on the head. Rukmi died as soon as Mudgar appeared.

Killed in marriage celebration. Everyone present there started getting worried that what will happen now? Somehow everyone explained to each other. Tried to normalize the situation.

At that time, the biggest problem was in front of Shri Krishna. His brother murdered his wife’s brother. If they speak in favor of brother, Rukmini will feel bad. And if they speak in favor of the wife’s brother, Balarama will feel bad. At that time Shri Krishna remained silent. Did not say anything in favor or opposition of anyone.

Shri Krishna knew that if any such incident happens in the family, time must pass. Only time can heal such wounds. In a few days when everything was calm, Shri Krishna spoke to Balarama.

Srikrishna said, ‘When there was an auspicious occasion for marriage, then brother you did not have to do wrong. You sat down to gamble. This type of wrongdoing should not be done at the time of marriage. ‘

He then told his wife Rukmini, ‘We came to your brother’s house with a wedding procession. Your brother insulted the guests. We should honor the guests. ‘

Learning– Here Shri Krishna has explained to us that if there are differences between the families, then one should work wisely. When the matter is very hot, then you should work in peace. Over time everything can be alright.