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5 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Gautama Buddha preached daily to the disciples. One day among the satsangs, the disciples asked, ‘What is the difference between the means and the means and how should they be used?’

The meaning of this question is that as we are studying, it is a means, but we want to become educated and qualified, it is practicable. When the disciples asked this question, Buddha after thinking for some time said, ‘I tell you a story. Eight scholars were sitting in a boat and crossing the river. When they crossed the river, everyone thought that the boat that crossed the river, which made us sit inside, should thank them.

If all were scholars, they found a unique way of giving thanks. The eight scholars took the boat out of the river and lifted it and placed it on their heads. Everyone said that the boat thanked you, you made us sit, we made you sit. When all the scholars started to enter the village after picking up the boat, people asked them, what are you doing? We have seen people sitting in a boat for a lifetime, today for the first time we have seen a boat over people, why are you doing this?

The scholars said that we are thanking the boat. It has brought us here. Hearing this, the people of the village started laughing at the scholars.

Telling this story, the Buddha also started laughing and said, ‘The instrument should be abandoned after a time. When people cover the instrument, they are unable to reach the goal. The boat is a tool. Just as education is a tool, people adopt it and then after becoming educated, they begin to ego their education. While we should do the work for which we have been educated, but the person demonstrates his means, as these scholars were doing. ‘

Learning – We need a means to reach a goal, a goal, but when our objective is fulfilled, we should not boast of our means.

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