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2 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Gautama was an aged disciple of Buddha. He lived with the Buddha. His nature was very innocent. One day Buddha thought that today let’s talk something deep with this old simple man.

Buddha asked that old disciple, ‘What will be your age?’

The old man replied, “That’s seventy years.”

Buddha smiled and said, ‘No, you are not telling the right age.’

The old person got upset after hearing this. He knew that Buddha does not say a single word without reason. And, if the Buddha is saying, then there must be something. He then said to the Buddha, ‘I am not telling my age wrong. My hair has turned white, teeth have fallen. I have grandchildren. I am seventy years old. This is the age I have spent my whole life, but what do you think is my age? ‘

The Buddha said, ‘You are one year old.’

The old man became more upset after hearing this. He said, ‘Why are you saying this?’

Buddha said, ‘The truth is that the seventy-nine years you have spent in the world, have gone in vain. It has been only a year since you started exploring religion, when you have become completely virtuous, when you have traveled the soul, when you have moved towards meditation. That is why your age will be considered as one year.

Learning – Use your age, one moment at a time. Whatever age we are, we waste most of our time in futile pursuits. Buddha’s gesture is that when we think about our age, then keep in mind that how much time we have spent in the work of virtue, meditation of God, work of righteousness. Quite the same time is our true age.

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