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One month ago

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  • In one of the events, the stage operator had addressed Kasturba as the mother of Gandhi, when Gandhiji said that Kasturba takes care of me like a mother.

story- There is an incident in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. He went abroad at that time. He was also accompanied by wife Kasturba. A program was held in Gandhiji’s honor there. The person who was conducting the program knew that in Gujarati a woman like mother is called ‘Ba’.

The stage operator announced, “Gandhiji is accompanied by his mother, we also honor him.”

The people present there got nervous on hearing this. Immediately a letter was sent to the stage operator that you have called Gandhiji’s wife as his mother, correct the mistake. The operator got scared after seeing the letter.

Then came the turn of Gandhiji’s address. Gandhiji was also of a funny nature. He said, ‘Even if the brother of the stage operator has made a mistake in addressing, but his point is absolutely true. They have called Ba as my mother. The truth is that at this age, Kasturba looks after me in the same way a mother takes care of her child. ‘ After this, Gandhiji explained this relationship very well in the program.

Learning This incident related to Gandhiji is sending us a message that if the husband and wife are old then they should take care of each other like children. Because, the body is exhausted, the two have traveled a long journey together, just as Kasturba did with Gandhiji. This keeps love and dedication between the two. This is the life mantra of a happy couple.