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One month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Shriram sent young Angad as envoy to the assembly of Ravana, no one could shake Angad’s feet in the court of Lanka.

story- How Ram should work with a new generation, Shriram has told in Ramayana. Ram Vanara had reached Lanka with the army. Just before the war, a messenger was to be sent to the court of Ravana. At that time Hanumanji was the best choice for this work, as he had gone to Lanka once before. He also had influence and fear because of burning Lanka with his tail, but Hanumanji advised to send young Angad.

Here Hanumanji has given the message that our second line should also always be ready. Shriram sent Angad as an envoy. Angad proposed in a full meeting of Ravana that I have set foot here, if anyone shook it, I would defeat Sita and go back to Ram. Even the great warriors of Ravana could not remove the leg of Angad.

When Angad returned, Shriram knew what a dangerous condition Angad had placed. Had there been someone else in place of Shriram, Angad would have had to face his anger that what foolishness did you have? However, Shriram did not do so.

Shriram knew that Angad is young, there is passion in it. He did two things. One spoke to Angad with respect, praised him and the other sat nearby and respected equality. This boosted the confidence of the entire monkey army.

Learning Whenever any work is given to the new generation, there is a possibility of deteriorating the work due to their enthusiasm. Be it at home or office, treat the youth equally and talk respectfully. Then he too will give the best result like Angad.