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3 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Vinoba Bhave was a very learned man. One day he was sitting with his assistant reading the letter. Hundreds of letters used to come to him daily. They used to read all the letters very carefully and sent their answers by writing them themselves.

While reading the letter, Vinoba suddenly tore a letter and threw it in the garbage basket. His assistant was surprised to see what was in the letter, which Vinoba ji tore and threw it away. Out of curiosity, he asked Vinoba ji if he could see this letter, which was torn and thrown.

When Vinoba ji gave him permission, he took out the pieces of the letter from the basket and folded it and saw that the letter was from Mahatma Gandhi.

The assistant said, ‘You tore the letter of Mahatma Gandhi and threw it in the garbage, this was not understood.’

Vinoba ji said, ‘Read the letter carefully, Bapu has written a lot of praise in this. I cannot digest this compliment. I felt that this compliment would make me cocky. That is why I tore this letter. Even if it was Bapu’s letter.

Learning Praise can do two things. First, it can increase our pride. Second, it can increase our enthusiasm. If ego is growing due to praise, then such praise should be ignored. Appreciation increases enthusiasm, so it’s okay.