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2 month ago

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  • Gandhari called Duryodhana in a naked state, but Duryodhana reached the thigh by wrapping the leaves and the thigh could not be made of iron.

story- The Mahabharata war was moving towards the last phase. The Pandavas killed all the great warriors from the Kauravas one by one. Gandhari was also getting to know the circumstances of the war every day. When he felt that Duryodhana’s life was now in danger, he ordered Duryodhana to come to his camp in a naked state.

Gandhari had been blindfolded since her marriage to Dhritarashtra, as she wanted to share her grief with her blind husband. She had the boon that the person she would see with open eyes would become iron. No weapon will hurt that person’s body. Gandhari wanted Duryodhana’s entire body to be of iron, so that no one could kill him.

At night, Duryodhana was going naked and going to his mother’s camp, when Shri Krishna saw him, he understood the whole thing. Shri Krishna told Duryodhana that you are young now and going in front of your mother like this does not suit you. At least cover the thighs.

Duryodhana understood Sri Krishna’s case and covered the thighs with leaves. When he reached in front of the mother, wherever Gandhari looked at his body, those parts became iron, except only the thighs and that part of his body could not be of iron.

On the last day of the battle, the battle of Bhima and Duryodhana took place. Bhima made several strikes with mace, but Duryodhana’s body was not even scratched. At that time Shri Krishna indicated Bhima to hit the thigh. On receiving the gesture, Bhima started hitting the thigh and Duryodhana was injured. He died thereafter.

Learning– This story is telling us how big a loss can be caused by a small lapse. Whenever you do something, do it as you are told to do or as we have been told to do. Whatever the task, this vigilance is very important.