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One month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Gandhiji started washing his clothes himself in order to reduce the budget of the house during the days of advocacy.

story- The incident is related to Mahatma Gandhi, when he was practicing in South Africa. Gandhiji believed in living a life of simplicity. One day he made a budget for his house and saw that a lot of money is being spent to get the clothes washed. If he were a lawyer, he would change the collar over his shirt.

Gandhiji thought, ‘The shirt does not need to be washed daily, but the collar has to be washed daily. Dhobi has to pay a lot for this, so from now on I will start washing my clothes myself.

The collar had to be stained, causing it to crack. When Gandhiji had learned the new job of washing clothes, one day the collar got more work. With a similar collar, he went to his work.

Gandhiji’s fellow lawyers noticed that something was falling from his collar. All the lawyers made fun of this and asked whether there was a famine of Dhobis here. Then Gandhiji said, ‘Washing your clothes yourself is no small thing. If you learn any new work then it is useful in life.

In a short time Gandhiji started washing clothes very well and they were also doing press very well. After a long time he also got the benefit of this.

Once Gopalakrishna Gokhale was to go to the honor ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa. Gokhale was to be respected there. He had a special sheet at that time. These sheets themselves. Mahadev Govind Ranade. Because of this, they used to keep sheets very carefully.

Gokhale ji wanted to wear the same sheet and go to the honor ceremony, but there were folds on the sheet. At that time there was no washerman either. Then Gandhiji said, ‘Give me this sheet, I press it.’

Gokhale ji said sarcastically, ‘I can trust your advocacy, but cannot trust Dhobigiri. You will spoil my beloved bed sheet. ‘

Then Gandhiji took the responsibility that the sheet would not go bad. After this, Gandhiji pressed the sheet very well. Seeing the sheet, Gokhale said, “Gandhi, you are truly unique, whatever you do, you do with all your heart.”

Learning– Do your own personal work. Doing your own work does not mean living in poverty. It is simplicity to use all your things properly and do your own work.