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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, life management tips from mahabharata, lord krishna and mata yashoda, bal krishna story | परिश्रम और ईमानदारी से मिल सकती है भगवान की कृपा, सफल हो सकते हैं सभी काम

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6 minutes ago

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story – The story is related to Mata Yashoda and Balakrishna. Once Yashoda was preparing Makhan for Krishna. At the same time, when Krishna was hungry, he started crying. They could not be patient. They broke the curd and went inside and ate the stale Makhan.

Mother Yashoda got angry after seeing the cracked matka and started running behind him with a stick to kill Balakrishna. After a lot of running, Yashoda caught Krishna. Then Krishna started crying. Yashoda felt that Lalla was scared and threw the stick. To teach a lesson, Yashoda started to tie Balkrishna with a big ankle, but the rope became two fingers short. Mata then tried to tie Krishna by adding a second rope, but the second time the rope also became two fingers shorter.

Yashoda tried to tie Krishna several times by tying rope, but Krishna was not bound. Seeing the mother upset, Shri Krishna thought that I should be bound now. Mother is getting upset. After this, Krishna was tied with a rope.

Learning The lesson of this episode is that God makes his devotees work hard enough. And, then come on hold. The meaning of catching God here is that education, success, peace, happiness and prosperity all meet with the grace of God. When we work hard, remain honest, only then we get the grace of God, all work can be successful. Diligence and honesty are the two fingers that God binds.