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3 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Many times people used to give very expensive gifts to Swami Vivekananda. Some king gave him a very precious watch. One day Swamiji was going somewhere by train wearing the same watch. A few girls were also sitting on the train with him.

The girls noticed that the monk wore a very expensive watch, but the clothes were normal. The girls were a bit mischievous, so they thought that the monk should be disturbed.

The girls looked at the clock and pointed to Swamiji, ‘You give us this watch.’

Vivekanandji said, “It has been found in the offering.”

After this they became silent. When Swamiji did not give the watch to the girls, he started harassing Swamiji. When the matter increased, Swamiji sat down with his eyes closed and listened silently to the girls.

The girls frightened them and said, ‘If you don’t give this watch to us, then we will make noise, the police will call and say that you have tried to exploit us physically.’

Vivekanandji opened his eyes and said in a gesture that I cannot hear, I am deaf. After this, he wrote on a paper and said that whatever I have said so far, I have not heard it. Whatever you want, write it on a paper and give it to me.

The girls were shocked to see this. The girls wrote on a paper that you give us your watch, otherwise we will make noise and call the police and we will say that you are trying to exploit us daily.

The girls did not even think that a monk could be so intelligent. He stated his wish by writing on paper. Gave the paper to Swamiji. After this, Swamiji said, ‘Do not make the mistake of exploiting others as fools. Now call the police if you want. I have a letter written by you. I will tell this to the police. ‘

The girls agreed that this monk is not a normal person. He is very intelligent.

Learning – Here Vivekananda has learned that if a bad person tries to misuse our simplicity or tries to exploit us then we should also use shrewdness. Otherwise our troubles may increase.

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