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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, motivational story from ramayana, life management tips by ramayana | किसी भी काम में छोटी-छोटी बातों पर भी ध्यान दें, सतर्क रहेंगे तो सफलता के संकेत जरूर मिलेंगे

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One month agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Ahiravan had kidnapped Sri Ram and Lakshmana, Hanumanji knew where Ram-Lakshmana was after listening to the birds.

story- The incident is of the fourth day of the Sri Ram-Ravana war. At that time, his brother Ahiravan abducted Rama and Lakshmana at the behest of Ravana. Ahiravan was elusive. He reached the camp of Rama-Laxman as Vibhishana, because of this Hanumanji could not even recognize him and he succeeded in his plan.

Hanumanji could not understand where Rama-Laxman would be, who had killed him? Vibhishana then told him that my form could only bear the nonviolence. He has killed Rama-Laxman.

Now Hanumanji started looking for Rama-Laxman. But, he was not getting success. Then they sat under a tree and wondered where Ahiravan would be? Where would he have placed Sri Ram and Laxman? At that time, two birds were sitting on the tree. They were both talking that if Ahiravana Devi is sacrificed to humans then we will get to eat human flesh.

Hanumanji understood the language of birds, as soon as he heard these things, he understood that he was talking about Sri Ram and Lakshmana and the location of Ahiravan would be around. Hanumanji started searching in that area.

With a hint of birds, Hanumanji found a direction and found Sri Ram-Laxman and freed him from the captivity of Ahiravana. Ahiravan was killed along with his army.

Learning– This story is telling us that while doing any work, you will be cautious and keep in mind even the small things around, then there will definitely be signs of success. Success definitely gives its signs.