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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, motivational story of buddha, lesson of gautam buddha, life management tips by buddha | जीवन में सुख-शांति चाहते हैं तो हर काम में संतुलन बहुत जरूरी है

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3 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Prince Siddhartha left the palace to achieve Siddhi. He was to become a Buddha, but many things happened in his life from prince to Buddha. One of the major events of these incidents was how far the body should be heated? Prince Siddharth had abandoned food to know this.

Siddhartha used to take only one grain of food in the name of food. This went on for a long time. Due to this Siddharth’s body became very weak.

One day they were crossing the river. There was water up to his knees in the river. They could easily walk in this water, but they could not walk even ten steps, because the body had become very weak. Now he was so dizzy that he could not even stand properly. Then they stood up holding a tree branch.

As soon as prince Siddhartha resorted to the tree, he attained divine knowledge from that Bodhi tree.

The Buddha understood that by meditating in this way, the soul will not be attained. The soul is attained by balance. Everything is bad. Too much penance also damages the body.

Prince Siddharth thought that I had already left the world and I caught austerity. I must balance. While thinking this, he became aware and he became Buddha.

Learning – The Buddha has given this message not to overdo anything. Neither of laziness, nor of worship, nor of work. If you want to get peace and happiness in life, then you must make balance. If there is no balance, the body will have to pay its price. If the body itself is not healthy then there will never be peace in life.

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