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3 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – Gautam Buddha was sitting under a mango tree and meditating one day. Large mangoes were seen on that tree. At the same time, some children also reached play.

When the children saw the mangoes, they started throwing stones at the tree. Then a stone was placed on Buddha’s head. His head started bleeding. The children reached them before Buddha could think anything. All the children were scared to see the blood flowing. He started apologizing to Buddha.

The children said, ‘Forgive us. We were breaking mangoes with stones on the tree, but accidentally the stone hit your head. ‘

The children were crying, apologizing. As the children bowed down to touch the feet, the Buddha raised the children, turned their hands over their heads and said, ‘Children, I am not sad that your stone was hit on my head. It is sad that the tree gives you fruit by eating stones, but I have nothing to give you, so at least I should not give you fear. Don’t all of you be afraid. ‘ The fear of children was overcome by listening to Buddha.

Learning We should not give importance to what society is giving us. What is important is what we are giving to the world? Whatever is our best, whatever we can give good, the same should be returned to the society. If we hit stone instead of stone, this world will end one day.