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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, motivational story of swami vivekanand, life management tips in hindi | जब भी कोई गलती हो जाए तो उसे सुधारने के लिए जोश से नहीं, शांति से काम लेना चाहिए

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3 hours ago

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story – Swami Vivekananda was giving lectures in America. Most Indians were sitting in front of him. Their theme was to adopt indigenous things.

Swamiji was wearing desi clothes. All the people present there were listening attentively. At that time nobody noticed his feet. Vivekanandji wore clothes indigenous, but his shoes were foreign.

When his lecture was over, an English lady approached him. The woman said, ‘Swamiji you said with great pressure to adopt indigenous things. I have also been very impressed by your words, but when I got my eyes on your feet, I saw that you are wearing foreign shoes. Why, so?’

Swamiji wore foreign shoes due to any compulsion. He did not say his compulsion. He said, ‘Sometimes I wear foreign shoes to tell what should be the place of British in our country.’

All the listeners applauded on hearing this. The English woman’s face also brought a smile to this matter. Vivekanandji had given his answer by expressing his opposition against the English system, but with laughter.

Learning – Sometimes when we make a mistake, people question our work. At that time we should not get angry. Work calmly to rectify the lapse and when answering the questions, use words that bring a smile to their faces and also get our answer.

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