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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of gautam buddha, we should remember these tips for happiness and success | जीवन में जब भी बहुत ज्यादा समस्याएं आ जाएं और कोई समाधान न दिखे तो धैर्य धारण करें

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  • Aaj Ka Jeevan Mantra By Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta, Story Of Gautam Buddha, We Should Remember These Tips For Happiness And Success

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2 days agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • The Buddha sent his disciple Anand to the pond to get water, but the water was very dirty, then the Buddha said that stay there for a while, then bring water

story – Gautama Buddha was passing through a forest with his disciple Anand one day. On the way, he felt thirsty, and he said to Anand, ‘A waterfall is seen flowing nearby. Go there and get drinking water. ‘

Soon Anand reached near the waterfall. After reaching there, he saw that a bullock cart passed through the pond and the water became very dirty due to wheels. The soil below has started appearing above. Anand returned seeing dirty water. He told the Buddha, ‘Tathagata, the water there is very dirty, not potable.’

Buddha said, ‘You do one thing, sit for a while near the water. Look again.

Admiring the Buddha, Anand reached the pond again and sat on the shore there. After a short time, the movement of water subsided and slowly the soil sat down, the water flowing above became very clear.

Anand, seeing the clear water, understood what the Buddha wanted to explain. They returned to Buddha with water.

Buddha said, ‘Many times in life such situations are created when we don’t see any solution. We start wondering what will happen now. The way the water becomes dirty due to stir and after some time when the dirt settles down, the water is clean. We should be patient in adverse situations. After some time, things will start to return to normal.

Learning Our mind becomes unstable in bad times. Patience helps a lot to control the mind in such situations. People who practice meditation can calm the mind very quickly. Patience can be dealt with in bad times.