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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of mahatma gandhi, motivational story about success and happiness | धन से खुद के लिए सुख-सुविधाओं की चीजें खरीदें, लेकिन दूसरों की जरूरतों का भी ध्यान रखें

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2 hours ago

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story – Mahatma Gandhi reached one very rich Seth one day. He tied a huge turban. Gandhiji did not even wear a hat.

Dhani Seth said to Gandhiji, ‘Bapu is a cap famous in your name all over the country. Many people wear that hat. He is called Gandhi Topi. The interesting thing is that Bapu, the Gandhi by whose name the hat is running all over the country, remains Gandhi headless. Why is this?’

Gandhi used to answer questions in a very funny manner. At that time many people were sitting there. Everyone started thinking that what answer will Gandhiji give to this Seth?

Gandhiji said, ‘Sethji, the turban you have worn is so large that at least 20 caps can be made out of it. Think for yourself, if you are wearing a turban of 20 people hats, then the remaining 19 people will have to remain bare head. I am also one of those 19 people.

Learning – Gandhiji has given this message through that Seth that some rich people take the rights of other people of the society to fulfill their wishes. If a person has a lot of money, even if he fulfills his wishes, dresses well, buys things of comfort, but he should also take care of the happiness of the poor and needy people of the society. In a good society, everyone should live together, only then a better society will be created.

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