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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of our nature, prerak prasang | अपना अच्छा स्वभाव किसी और की वजह से न बदलें, दूसरों को खुद पर हावी न होने दें

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story – In ancient times, a king was very fond of buying diamonds. One day a big diamond merchant came to his court. The merchant placed two identical diamonds in the court and said, ‘One of these two diamonds is real and one diamond is fake. There are big connoisseurs in your court, Rajan you test the diamonds yourself. Can you or someone in your court recognize the real diamond out of these two? ‘

Both diamonds looked alike. The shape was also the same. The courtiers saw diamonds from a distance, but no one moved forward. Even the king could not understand which diamond could be real. At that time there was also an old man in the court, who was blind. He moved forward and carefully examined both the diamonds in his hand.

The blind person put a diamond down and gave the other diamond to the merchant’s hand. The businessman was very happy with the blind man’s examination and said, “Awesome, they are not visible, but they identified the real diamond very easily.”

The king asked the blind man, ‘How did you recognize the real diamond?’

The blind man said, ‘Rajan is a simple matter. Real diamonds are not affected by the cold or heat of the surrounding environment. He lives in his own nature. Heera maintains a different balance from nature. The weather is not affected.

Learning – The blind person has learned that we should be like diamonds. We get angry because of others. Others appear to be governed. We start doing the same as other people speak. This should not be done. We should not change our good things because of others. Stay the way we are.

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