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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, There are many ways to serve humanity, caring for a helpless sick is the greatest service | मानवता की सेवा के कई तरीके हैं, किसी असहाय बीमार की देखभाल करना सबसे बड़ी सेवा है

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  • Aaj Ka Jeevan Mantra By Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta, There Are Many Ways To Serve Humanity, Caring For A Helpless Sick Is The Greatest Service

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9 days agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • When a Buddhist monk got diarrhea, Buddha himself cleaned the disciple around and took care of it till he recovered.

story- One day Gautam Buddha was walking in his ashram. At that time he saw one of his monks tormenting in a corner. The monk had diarrhea. Due to weakness, he could not even breathe properly. There was a lot of dirt around him too.

The Buddha said to his disciple Anand, ‘Bring medicines, we will cure them.’ After this Buddha himself made that monk and cleaned the place around him. When Anand came with medicine, he gave medicines to the sick monk.

Other monks also stood there. They were watching all this. Then the monks said, ‘Tathagata why did you clean the dirt around it yourself?’

Buddha said, ‘You people don’t question me. I want to ask you why you did not serve this sick monk of your own ashram? While you people know that it is lonely. Neither any relative will come here, nor will anyone come here, here we all are relatives and friends of each other. Then why not take care of it? ‘

The disciples had no answer to the Buddha’s question. All were standing silent and listening to the words of Buddha.

Buddha then said, ‘Anyone can be sick. Always remember one thing, when you serve someone sick, this service is considered to be the service of God. ‘

Learning In our family, in relationship, a friend or an unknown person is ill, then one should not back down in serving him according to his ability. Managing the education of a needy child, getting a poor girl married is also a service to humanity. But, caring for the sick is the greatest service.