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Aaj Ka Rashifal (Horoscope Today) | Daily Rashifal (5th November 2020), Daily Zodiac Forecast: Singh Rashi, Kanya, Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer Libra, And Other Signs | आज अशुभ योग से कुछ लोगों को हो सकता है आर्थिक नुकसान, सिंह राशि वालों को खासतौर से रहना होगा संभलकर

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  • Aaj Ka Rashifal (Horoscope Today) | Daily Rashifal (5th November 2020), Daily Zodiac Forecast: Singh Rashi, Kanya, Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer Libra, And Other Signs

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2 month ago

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  • 8 zodiac signs will have to be maintained due to the arrival of moon in Ardra Nakshatra, may be a stressful day

On Thursday, November 5, the Moon will be in the Ardra constellation. Moon is suffering due to Rahu’s constellation. Due to this, inauspicious yoga is also being created. According to astrology Dr. Ajay Bhambi, due to the inauspicious planetary yoga, people of Leo today will have to be careful. Apart from these, the stars will have mixed effects on Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces people. At the same time, the day will be fine for people with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn. These 4 zodiacs will survive the inauspicious effects of stars.

According to astrology Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the result of 12 zodiac signs

Mesh- Positive- time is on your side. So make better use of it. The works which were hindered for some time, will be solved in a very easy and easy way today. There will also be time spent in shopping such as clothing, jewelery.
Negative Keep in mind today, there may be a mistake while doing some important work. So before implementing any plan, consider the good and bad aspects of it. Most of the time may have to be spent outside the house.
Business Business activities will go on smoothly. But job professionals should do their office tasks very carefully, otherwise the officer class may have to face resentment.
Love- Husband-wife relations will remain sweet. But due to deterioration in life of life partner, the house will be disturbed. Your cooperation at home will give them morale.
Health- Pain in the cervical and shoulders can be disturbing. Pay full attention to yoga and exercise as well.
Lucky color Blue, Lucky number 9

Taurus – Positive Some plans will be made to change or improve the house. Despite the busyness, you will also take time out for your interests. According to your wish fulfillment, you will get spiritual happiness and peace.
Negative A conflict may arise with a close person. Even if you get any bad news, your mind will get upset. Maintain your morale, as it will also affect your work capacity.
Business Stay focused on what is going on in the field at the moment. Do not plan any kind of future work. Job occupation requires a lot of hard work to achieve their target.
Love- Love will intensify in relationships. And there will be a plan to convert these relationships in the family into marriage.
Health- Health will remain good. But there may be concerns about the health of any member of the household.
Lucky color Pink, Lucky number 6

Gemini – Positive Today, the child will be happy to get any achievement. And there will also be a festive atmosphere in the house. Time is good for money investment schemes. Any religious act can also be performed at home.
Negative Any stubbornness in your relationship with your maternal uncle can cause problems. Be sure to maintain flexibility in your nature. It would be more appropriate if you consult the senior person of the house before doing the work. And you will also be able to take any decision.
Business The results of the hard work done in the field will also yield excellent results. At this time, keep all your attention focused on your work as this will strengthen the business position. Career persons may get some type of paperwork mistake, be careful.
Love- Do not let your outside troubles dominate the house. This can disturb the home environment.
Health- A positive attitude towards your health will keep you healthy. Spend some time in nature.
Lucky color Red, Lucky number 5

Cancer-positive Planetary transits are creating excellent conditions in your favor at this time. Time is very appropriate to complete your unfinished tasks. There will also be a program to entertain and hang out with family and friends.
Negative Do not keep too much discipline on others and maintain flexibility in your nature according to the circumstances. This will not deteriorate relations with others. Also, keep your focus in executing your plans rather than thinking.
Business Business conditions will be better than before. Also, financial matters can also improve. Things will be normal in job related work. Do not try to make any kind of change.
Love- The advice and support of spouse and family members will keep your morale and confidence strong. Family acceptance can also be found in love affairs.
Health- Health will be somewhat soft. Laziness and fatigue can occur.
Lucky color White, Lucky number 2

Leo – positive Time is running satisfactorily. But working in a peaceful manner will be more effective than hasty. There will also be purchase of items related to the renovation and decoration of the house.
Negative Sometimes, over-thinking can lead to some results. Therefore, along with planning, it is necessary to implement them immediately. Do not let relations with relatives deteriorate.
Business There is a need to be very careful while performing money transaction transactions. A slight error can cause a lot of damage. Employees should not get involved in any kind of debate with their colleagues.
Love- Due to stress, there may be some ups and downs with the life partner. At this time it is very important to keep your mind restrained.
Health- Cough, cold and fever can cause problems. Be sure to protect yourself from the change of weather.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 1

Virgo- positive Success is inevitable by performing your tasks in a planned manner. You can also be honored by doing commendable work with a social organization. Today will be a special day for the women.
Negative Today is going to give mixed results. Keep gentleness and decency in your dealings while interacting with people. Sometimes your anger and irritability can damage your credibility. Which will also affect your work capacity.
Business Business activities will continue as before. Do not let any kind of bitterness arise in the relationship with your partner and colleagues. Because it will also affect your business. You will also feel stress and loneliness.
Love- There will be a family get-together with friends. Happy memories will also come from meeting old friends.
Health- Chest related problems such as phlegm, cold may occur. Do not be careless about your health.
Lucky color Badami, Lucky number 5

Libra – Positive – Today will be spent in fun and outing with family and shopping. By doing every task properly and systematically, you will also be able to achieve the goal soon. The positive activities of children will bring you peace and happiness.
Negative Do not share your achievements with others. Some people may also spread negative rumors behind your back by feeling jealous. But your reputation will not be affected. Just keep control of your anger and work in peace.
Business Any type of problem may arise in workplace and economic matters. The guidance and advice of an experienced person will prove beneficial for you. Shares and stock related work will be successful.
Love- Married life will be happy Extramarital affair can lead to profanity, so stay away from them.
Health- Sometimes your mental state will be distracted by negative thoughts. Meditation and Yoga is the best solution.
Lucky color Orange, Lucky number 6

Scorpio – positive Today is the best day to get hold of money that has been stopped or lent. So keep trying for this. Today your main plan will be to dispose of all your tasks in a planned manner. And you will also be successful in this to a great extent.
Negative Keep away from political activities, because some kind of defamation is being made. Instead of wasting your time traveling with friends, take time to complete your personal tasks. Also, maintain good relations with brothers.
Business Keep transparency in partnership related business. This will help strengthen mutual relations. Do not start any new work today, because any kind of hindrance can lead to financial problems.
Love- Spend some time with your spouse and family, this will relieve stress and your mind will remain cheerful.
Health- Health will be fine. It is necessary to keep your routine organized just to avoid seasonal changes.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 9

Sagittarius – Positive Your peace loving and cooperative behavior will be an example for others. And your nature will also help in completing your tasks in a planned way. The scope of public relations will also be wide and you will have a special role in it.
Negative But do not waste too much of your time in futile social activities. There is also a possibility of getting inadequate due to contact with the wrong person. Over-interfering with family functions can cause stress in the environment.
Business At this time the state of expenses remains. Therefore, it is important to be very careful and vigilant in economic matters. If you invest money somewhere, it would be more appropriate. The advice of someone else in business matters will prove to be very helpful for you.
Love- There will be succulence in married life. And the atmosphere will remain pleasant.
Health- Keep your immune system stronger. Spend time on balanced diet and exercise as well.
Lucky color rose, Lucky number 3

Capricorn – positive Today’s planetary position is quite satisfactory. The circumstances which were going on in the opposite direction are starting to work in your favor, so make sure to complete it otherwise it can spoil your image.
Negative Keep in mind that do not postpone any work. Sometimes, due to feeling lethargic, attention can be removed from work. You will also get support from close friends.
Business There is a need for a change in business practices at this time. This will give you more excellent results. The planets are also going to provide opportunities for employed people at this time.
Love- Husband and wife will have a good relationship. Attraction towards an opposite sex person can also result in love relationships.
Health- There will be problem of skin allergies. Coughs and colds can also cause discomfort.
Lucky color Red, Lucky number 8

Aquarius – Positive Today is the best time to collect a stuck or stuck payment. The social circle will increase. You will feel pleasure and energy by spending time in tasks related to your interests. Young people will be especially aware of their career.
Negative Keeping up with more people or having more trust with unfamiliar people can harm you, so be cautious. There can be difficulty in taking any type of decision. It will be beneficial for you to consult the senior people at home.
Business Postpone outdoor activities and marketing related work today. At this time, invest your energy in dealing with your professional workload. Due to festivals in government jobs, there will be an excess of workload.
Love- There can be talk of marriage of a family bachelor. There will also be a lot of movement in the house regarding the demanding work.
Health- People who have diabetes and blood pressure need to take special care of themselves. Do get regular checkups done.
Lucky color Yellow, Lucky number 7

Pisces – Positive Students can get any competition success. Therefore, strive hard for your studies and exams. Your efforts to keep that home discipline disciplined will be successful. The affection and blessings of elders will also remain.
Negative Keep your expenses limited otherwise the budget may go haywire. There is a possibility of a breach in the relationship due to Ego and stubbornness from a close relative. It is very important to take care of the dignity of the relationship.
Business Business plans will flourish easily. Therefore, do not waste time in wasteful work. Stay focused on your work. People can also get promotion by getting their target.
Love- Sour-sweet relations between husband and wife will remain. More understanding will come in relationships and love will grow.
Health- There may be problems of indigestion and acidity. Eat Ayurvedic things and spend some time in nature.
Lucky color Blue, Lucky number 3