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Aaj Ka Rashifal (Horoscope Today) | Daily Rashifal (9th April 2021), Daily Zodiac Forecast: Singh Rashi, Kanya, Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer Libra, And Other Signs | मिथुन, तुला और वृश्चिक राशि वाले नौकरीपेशा लोगों को तरक्की मिलने के योग हैं, सितारों का भी साथ मिलेगा

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  • Aaj Ka Rashifal (Horoscope Today) | Daily Rashifal (9th April 2021), Daily Zodiac Forecast: Singh Rashi, Kanya, Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer Libra, And Other Signs

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  • People with Taurus will have to stay throughout the day, it is not right to start any new work.

On Friday, April 9, the Moon will be with the Guru in Aquarius. With this, the Raja Yoga named Gajkesari will last all day. Also, there will be Shukla Yoga. Due to this auspicious position of the stars, there will be a beneficial day for the 5 zodiac signs. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the planet transit is favorable for people with Gemini sign. People with this amount can get good news. Conditions will remain favorable in the field of Virgo zodiac people. Stopped payments can also be received. People with Libra zodiac sign will get lucky. Employed people can grow. The day will be good for the job and business of people with Scorpio zodiac sign. On the other hand, people with Capricorn will get relief from stress. There are also additions to extra income. Apart from these, there will be a mixed day for people with Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Apart from these people of Taurus will have to be careful throughout the day today.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – positive The planetary situation is in your favor. There will be a lot of work, but the hard work done today will also lead to proper results. By spending some time in religious and spiritual activities, you will get spiritual uplift.
Negative Due to any money transaction mistake, losses can occur, so take care. There is also a need to keep a close watch on the activities of children. At this time it is only appropriate to avoid unnecessary travel.
Business Business related to public dealing, computer etc. will be successful. But there will be some slowdown as well, so there is a need to bring some changes in the working system. Employed people may have to do some unsolicited travel.
Love- The tension between the husband and wife can also affect the family. Therefore, it is important to handle situations in time.
Health- Health will be somewhat soft. Do not be careless and also take plenty of rest.
Lucky color Red, Lucky number 9

Taurus – Positive Your cooperation in solving any problem of children will be positive. The youth will be happy to get a job as per their education. Your interest in religious activities and spiritual activities will increase.
Negative Due to laziness, many of your works may also remain incomplete. Time and money will be wasted in useless activities. Because of which some irritability may remain in the nature. Avoid unnecessary travel.
Business It is appropriate if we do not start any new work today. It would be better to keep your focus on what is going on in the field. If a partnership is being planned, then it will be positive to implement it immediately.
Love- There may be some tension in the house due to the financial problem. Try to solve them in time. Freshness will remain in love relations.
Health- Avoid risky tasks. A situation like a fall or injury is being created. Drive the vehicle also carefully.
Lucky color White, Lucky number 6

Gemini – Positive At this time planetary transit is favorable for you. Your confidence and self-confidence will increase further. Young people associated with the technical field will soon get some significant achievement.
Negative Sometimes due to ego, you will do your own harm. Therefore, it is also necessary to change your nature according to the time. A small issue with a close relative can create a huge issue.
Business Today the field may face a lot of competition. Taking a little care will solve a lot of your problems. Job professionals can get some good news related to abroad.
Love- There will be concern about the health of the spouse. But you will also be successful in keeping harmony both at home and business.
Health- The problem of gas and acidity will remain. The main reason for this is your unbalanced eating and eating routine.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 5

Cancer – Positive Will be able to find a solution to any problem going on for some time. Plans related to the marriage of a family member will also be made. The youth will feel much happier after getting their first income.
Negative Paternal property matters will remain stuck. Do not let the old negative things dominate the present. Skipping towards expenses can create problems for the family.
Business There will be some ups and downs in the field. Be sure to consult with an experienced person before making any decision. But still we have to face competition related circumstances.
Love- Married life will remain pleasant. The blessings and affection of the elders of the house will keep the arrangement of the house perfect.
Health- Health will be fine. It is important to protect yourself only from the current environment.
Lucky color Badami, Lucky number 2

Leo – Positive Your efforts in strengthening the economic situation will be successful. Sources of income will increase. Students will soon have opportunities to go abroad. Your inclination towards spirituality and esoteric knowledge will increase.
Negative You may have to bear the displeasure of relatives and relatives by paying more attention to your personal work. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with everyone to keep the relationship sweet. Any negative attitude of children can also bother you.
Business Today, most of the time will be spent in marketing and carrying out outdoor activities. In a partnership-related business, your decisions will be paramount. Government serving persons may get caught in any type of problem, so be careful.
Love- Spouse’s supportive attitude will keep you relaxed. There will be proper harmony between family members.
Health- Any chronic health related problems will be relieved. And again you will be able to concentrate on your actions with full energy.
Lucky color Orange, Lucky number 1

Virgo – Positive Today, new ideas will come to mind. Your dedication to your tasks will make you successful. Time will also be spent in entertainment and fun with family and friends.
Negative Students will not get the results they expect. Make sure to thoroughly investigate before taking any land related paperwork. A small mistake can lead to a big controversy.
Business Conditions will remain favorable in the field. But it is important to keep in mind that to achieve success a lot of hard work is required. Stopped payment can be received. Employees will continue to dominate their offices.
Love- Husband and wife will respect each other’s feelings and mutual harmony will remain appropriate. The closeness will also increase in love relationship.
Health- Problems like sleeplessness can be disturbing. Due to which there will be physical and mental fatigue.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 5

Libra – Positive – At this time it will be your priority to achieve your goal. And you will also get success. There will be an opportunity to go to any religious or social function. Your special contribution will be in strengthening the relationship.
Negative There will be some sadness in the home environment with regard to anything related to children. But try to solve the problem in a peaceful manner. The advice of a friend may prove negative for you, so it is advisable to trust your abilities.
Business Time is favorable for any kind of partnership in the business. At this time, luck is fully supporting you. Job professionals can get any good news related to relocation. At the same time, promotion is also possible.
Love- The mutual support of husband and wife will keep the atmosphere of the family cozy. Lover girlfriend will also have opportunities to go on dating.
Health- Physical and mental fatigue will dominate due to excessive workload. It is very important to keep the routine organized.
Lucky color rose, Lucky number 6

Scorpio – positive You will get an opportunity to connect with a person of repute, which will also bring positive changes in your personality. The family will spend time shopping for home furnishings. There are chances of getting success in court case related cases.
Negative But also do not ignore the activities of your opponents. Someone can also harm you with a feeling of jealousy. It is better to postpone investment related work. Do not spoil relations with neighbors.
Business Business is the best time to put money related matters and schemes into action. If there is a plan for relocation, then implement it immediately. Will be beneficial for you. State functions will also be accomplished with success and ease.
Love- Spouse and family members will have full support in keeping the home environment disciplined and happy. It is important to understand each other’s feelings in love relationships.
Health- Sugar levels may increase due to stress and excessive busyness. Be aware of your health.
Lucky color Red, Lucky number 7

Sagittarius – Positive The beginning of the day will be very enjoyable. Any conflict in the mind that has been going on for some time will end. You will also take time to complete your interests. It will make everyone happy to meet a loved one.
Negative But taking a hasty decision can cause problems. This is the time to spend peacefully. Do not interfere in any kind of government work, otherwise penalties can be created.
Business More work is required in the field. There is also a possibility of loss of money at this time. The youth will get new employment opportunities, which will boost their confidence. Individuals working in a multinational company should focus more on completing their project.
Love- Jeevansathi’s support will help you. Love relationships will remain positive and dignified.
Health- There will be complaints of foot or heel pain. Along with more hard work, it is necessary to rest for some time.
Lucky color Yellow, Lucky number 3

Capricorn – positive Today, there will be some relief from any anxiety or tension going on. Today is the best day to lay the foundation of an important work. At this time, the addition of additional income is also being made.
Negative Maintaining too much discipline over the family can upset them. Relations with siblings can also get sour. Unnecessary delays and interruptions in work will hurt the mind.
Business The atmosphere of the business site will remain peaceful. Your meeting with a politician will prove beneficial. Government serving persons will continue to dominate their department.
Love- There will be an opportunity to go to some religious ritual with the family. There will also be consultation to end the love relationship in marriage.
Health- Health will be fine. Headache and migraine problems can be caused only by stress.
Lucky color Sky, Lucky number 8

Aquarius – Positive You will get success in meeting people and increasing social activism. This is the time for self-observation and self-churning. The mind will be happy if an important desire is fulfilled. Plans to start new work will also be made.
Negative Keep in mind that being more self-centered can lead to distances in relationships with close relatives. Due to occupational stress, the home environment will also be stressful.
Business Plans will be made to start any new work to grow the business. But at the same time there may be problems regarding economic activities. The youth group may have to postpone career planning for some reason.
Love- There is a need to maintain proper harmony in family life. Vain love affairs can cause your loss of life.
Health- Any kind of infection can happen due to the current weather. Avoid moving in areas like overcrowding and pollution.
Lucky color Blue, Lucky number 8

Pisces – Positive With the help of your intelligence and cleverness, you will get the solution of every problem very easily. Your ability and ability will be appreciated in the society. Try to get the money stuck with humility and mildness, you will get success.
Negative But do not interfere in the case of others, otherwise may have to be taken. The women class may have some kind of complaint from their in-laws, but instead of taking stress, solve the problem with prudence.
Business There will be some problems and problems in the business, but you will also solve them judiciously. It is important to take care of privacy in the work. Time is satisfying for job occupation people.
Love- Marital life will be normal. Do not interact more with people of opposite sex.
Health- There will be pain in the cervical and shoulders due to fatigue. Do yoga and exercise. It is also necessary to take proper rest.
Lucky color Saffron, Lucky number 3

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