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Ahoi Ashtami and Bhanu Saptami fasting will be done on November 8 for long life after Karva Chauth | करवा चौथ के बाद 8 नवंबर को संतान की लंबी उम्र के लिए किया जाएगा अहोई अष्टमी और भानु सप्तमी व्रत

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2 month ago

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  • Bhanu Saptami and Ahoi Ashtami will be fasted on Sunday due to having two dates on the same day.

The Kartik month of the Hindu calendar is very special for Saubhagyavati women. At the beginning of this month, Suhag festival i.e. Karva Chauth is celebrated. This fast is observed for the long life of the husband. After this, the Ahoi Ashtami fast is performed to protect the child from good health and troubles. Bhanu Saptami fast is also observed on the Sunday of Kartik month. In this, the sun is worshiped with the desire of children. This time the sunrise will be on Saptami Tithi on 8th November Sunday and after this, Ashtami will be observed on this day on the whole day.

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat
This fast will be done on 8 November. On this day special worship of Goddess Parvati is done. Women wake up before sunrise and take a pledge to take a bath. After this, after fasting for the whole day, worship Goddess after sunset in the evening and complete the fast thereafter. Some women also observe this fast with the desire to have children and attain unbroken harmony.

importance of: It is also known as Krishna Ashtami. Many people come to bathe in the Radha Kund of Mathura on this day. This fast is especially celebrated in UP, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. On this day, mothers observe the fast of Ahoi Mata for their sons. She worships and prays for the longevity and good health of her children. This fast is accomplished by worshiping the moon. This fast is considered very special for those who wish children.

Bhanu Saptami
On Bhanu Saptami, women take a bath before the sun rises in the morning. Then, by filling water in a copper vessel and putting red sandalwood, akshat, red flowers in it, worship the Sun God by offering Arghya called ‘Surya Namah’. After this, prayers are offered for the attainment of children and good health of children. With this, women vow to keep fast throughout the day. Salt is not used in food on this day.

importance of: Worshiping Lord Sun and offering water on this day relieves all kinds of mental and physical problems. By fasting for the whole day, women who do not have children soon get children. By observing this fast, the health problems of the children are removed. Age increases and you get the desired fruit. It is also believed that the person who gives water to the Sun God by bathing the Ganges on this day, his age also increases. By doing this, all kinds of diseases, defects and grief are removed.