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An Ashtavinayak Temple where Nandeep has been burning for 128 years

A lamp is always lit for worship of Shri Ganesh …

As such, the country of India is full of miracles in many respects. But the amazing miracles that take place in the temples here shook people. Even the greatest scientists have failed to find the cause of many miracles. One such temple is the fourth stop of Ashtavinayak Yatra, Varadaninayak …

Daryalus This temple is located in Mahad, a beautiful hill village in Kolhapur area of ​​Raigad district of Maharashtra. The most interesting thing associated with this temple is that a lamp is always lit for worship of Shri Ganesha and this lamp is called Nanddeep. This lamp has been burning continuously since the year 1892 to worship Shri Ganesh.

This is how the history of the temple
This temple is very ancient, which was built in 1725 by Subedar Ramji Mahadev Bivalkar. The temple complex is built on one side of the beautiful pond. This former Mukhi Ashtavinayak temple is quite famous all over Maharashtra. Statues of his wives Riddhi and Siddhi are also installed here along with Ganapati.

Statues of four elephants have been built around the temple. A 25-foot-high golden peak is built above the temple. Gaumukh is on the northern part of its river bank. A holy pond is also built to the west of the temple, which adds beauty to this temple. A shrine, statues of deities of Navagrahas and a Shivling are also installed in the temple. The special thing of Ashtavinayak Varadvinayak is that devotees are allowed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Mythology of the temple
According to the legend of this temple, in the Satyuga, born by the boon of Devraj Indra, Kutsamad did severe penance in Pushpak forest. Gajanan was pleased with his penance and asked Kutsamad to ask for a bride. Kutsamad said, “Lord, may I have knowledge of Brahma and worship both God and man.”

Apart from this, Kutsamad also demanded that the Pushpak forest be very perfect and prove beneficial for the devotees. To fulfill the wishes of the devotees, you dwell on it. Gajanan gave the boon that due to the present age being Satyuga, in this era this region will be called Pushpak, in Treta Yuga it will be called Manipur, in Dwapar Yuga it will be called as Vanan and in Kalyuga it is Bhadrak. ” Thus, after receiving the bride from Gajanan, the sage Kutsamad built an exquisite shrine and named the Ganesh idol Varadavinayak.

This is how this temple arrived
The temple is located in Khopoli, 80 km from Pune, on the Mumbai-Pune highway. It is also easily accessible from the city of Mumbai. If the devotees want to go here by rail then one can also go to Karjat railway station or from Khopoli.

During the festival days like Magh Chaturthi, this temple is crowded by millions. There is a special legislation to fast and worship ‘Varadavinayak Chaturthi’ at the time of midday Vyapini Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha. According to the scriptures, by observing ‘Varadavinayak Chaturthi’ fast throughout the year, all wishes are fulfilled.

In worship, Ganesha’s Deity is recognized as offering durga, jaggery or modak bhog, vermilion or red sandalwood and chanting Ganesh Mantra 108 times. In the Varadavinayak temple, there is a total of three times worship in the Trikala i.e. the whole day. The first aarti at 6 am, the second aarti at 11.30 am and then the third aarti at 8 pm.