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Aries to Pisces, taro rashifal for friday, shukrawar ka rashifal, 6 november rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily rashifal, taro card rashifal | मेष से मीन राशि तक, सभी 12 राशियों के लिए कैसा रहेगा 6 नवंबर का दिन

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2 month ago

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  • People of Aries can be harmed on Friday, troubles may increase for Cancer

According to Tarot Cards on Friday, November 6, people of Aries can be at a disadvantage. Troubles may increase for the Cancer sign. According to Tarot Card reader Pranita Deshmukh, know how the day of November 6 will be for all the 12 zodiac signs …


Today you have to learn to move ahead with time. Resentment by people found in the past is causing fear to form new relationships. There is a lot of difference between your present personality and the personality of the past, which you need to find and create a new statue of yourself in your eyes. The loss of money should not be hidden from family.

Career: Not being able to prove your ability in place of work can be harmful for yourself.

Love: The financial condition of the partner can bring tension in the relationship.

Health: Shoulder pain can be painful.

Lucky color: Red

Lucky number: 5


You can spend more money than your ability to get material happiness in life. Which can have an impact on you and your father’s financial situation. The progress made in small works will make you relaxed. Work by paying attention to your reality.

Career: Officers of high rank will maintain their supremacy by exercising their rights.

Love: Decide marriage related to father’s advice.

Health: Head and foot pain can be painful.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 2


It will be difficult for you to get out of big wastage or shock, but the support and guidance of close people will be helpful to overcome this suffering. Even though you will not be able to return the financial and emotional help received by the people, but sometimes you will also get a chance to pay the favor. Therefore, do not consider the help you receive.

Career: You will get rid of the unwanted situation soon after work.

Love: If you are being emotionally exploited in a relationship, then it will be better for you to break that relationship.

Health: Spinal cord discomfort may occur at night.

Lucky color: Red

Lucky number: 8


Despite the idea of ​​bringing stability in life, it can be difficult for you today to decide what to consider. Throughout the day you will also experience both versatility and stability. If you are unable to find a way about a problem, then the advice of others about that problem can be helpful for you.

Career: Most work will be disposed of at the beginning of the day.

Love: There may be a lot of confusion when taking decisions related to marriage.

Health: Acidity and gas discomfort.

Lucky color: rose

Lucky number : 4


Hiding behavior from a family member or your partner can be revealed. Going close to people at work and not having relations with them after the work is over is creating problems for you. Because of your behavior your people may also be against you.

Career: Students will be required to focus on their studies.

Love: The family may come to know about the immoral relationship.

Health: Will hurt back pain.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number: 2


Due to the difference in thought system between you and the people around you, a situation that is causing controversy is being created. There are two aspects to every situation and everyone looks at the situation from their perspective, so your attempt to prove anyone right or wrong will not succeed.

Career: To change the work, you have to get out of your comfort zone and take risk.

Love: You may get stuck between the relationship and the family due to lack of family support.

Health: There may be problems related to the eyes.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number: 3


Possibility of work related travel Take care of your health while traveling. Work may be delayed due to missing important documents, but will not cause much damage. Not being able to balance emotionally. You will be hurt.

Career: Increased controversy among colleagues may reduce the speed of work.

LoveNot being able to find a suitable life partner will test your restraint.

Health: Anemia will cause discomfort.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 6

Scorpio – NINE OF CUPS

The work done in haste will be finished on time, but due to poor quality of work, the work may have to be done again. Laziness and carelessness will increase people’s resentment about you. Running away from the situation is becoming an aspect of your nature. Keeping this in mind, try to change yourself.

Career: Seek guidance of experienced person to understand the work better.

Love: It will be harmful for you not to try to overcome problems related to love life.

Health: Increased weight can cause BP sugar related discomfort.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 8


Both lack of restraint and fear in mind will be harmful for you. Not being able to see the change in the economic situation is increasing your concern. You will need both hard work and smart work to do the situation in your favor. Make a decision by balancing both reality and your goals.

Career: It will be difficult for the jobbers to concentrate on work because of increasing responsibility.

Love: Not getting proper information about the person can change the decision related to marriage.

Health: Health can be bad due to viral infection.

Lucky color: Gray

Lucky number: 3


Despite working hard, you could not see its results. Can create negativity in you. One has to concentrate on doing more action than thinking. Do not let the negative thoughts of others result in yourself. The youth may have difficulty in getting a job, but will get the job according to you. Government work will be delayed.

Career: Job opportunities abroad can be obtained by a friend.

Love: Distances caused by work can increase misunderstandings between partners.

Health: Muscle may feel stretched.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 3


Do not discuss your work and work plan with more people. Today, because of increasing your energy sensitivity, you can immediately attract someone’s negative energy. Which will hurt you.

Career: People related to technical work should also pay attention to small things related to work or else there may be big loss.

Love: Failure to talk properly between partners can break the relationship.

Health: Inability to get qualified guidance about health can increase.

Lucky color: Purple

Lucky number: 4


Today you will realize the power of prayer. Being complicated around you and not getting along with anyone can break you mentally. Under any circumstances, keep in mind that something positive happens. Solution will be received by the end of the day.

Career: You can be blamed for negligence and financial loss of work.

Love: Splitting partners can be troublesome for the family due to mutual conflicts.

Health: To get rid of major problems in the body, a qualified doctor will guide you.

Lucky color : rose

Lucky number: 2

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