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Aries weekly rashifal, Taurus weekly horoscope, Virgo rashifal, 28 february to 6March rashifal, march 2021 rashifal in hindi | मेष, वृष और कन्या के लिए शुभ रहेगा 28 फरवरी से 6 मार्च तक का समय, मिल सकते हैं शुभ समाचार

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  • Aries Weekly Rashifal, Taurus Weekly Horoscope, Virgo Rashifal, 28 February To 6March Rashifal, March 2021 Rashifal In Hindi

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  • This week will change the zodiac from Chandra Singh, to Sagittarius, four times, all 12 zodiac signs will affect lunar

From Sunday, February 28 to Saturday, March 6, the Moon will change the zodiac four times. On Sunday morning, this planet is in Leo zodiac, on the same day it will go to Virgo in the evening. Will enter Libra on the 2nd. After this, one will enter Scorpio on the 4th and Sagittarius on the 6th. The Moon’s zodiac sign will have an impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. Falgun, the last month of Hindi Panchang, is starting on the 28th. In this month, Lord Krishna should be specially worshiped.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, what can be the week from 28 February to 6 March for all the 12 zodiac signs?


Positive– This week, more time will be spent on work related to the problems of children. You will also pay attention to your fitness. You will have courage, confidence and hope. There will also be time spent traveling and entertainment with family members.

Negative– Your hasty decision may be wrong. Because of which tension will dominate. Being irritated can bring distance in relationships with someone. There will also be some confusion regarding the economic side.

The business– Do not rely on your employees and colleagues in financial matters of any kind. Make any small and big decision with a lot of thought and thought. Any order or deal can be canceled, so it is better to take all the decisions yourself.

Love– In marital relations, there will be a state of sweetness. Any old friendships can result in love relationships.

Health– Avoid stress, depression and seasonal diseases. Due to stress, it will affect your work capacity as well.


Positive- Any good information will be received. So keep your attention in media and contact related activities. Your tendency will also remain towards the religious and spiritual field. By which you will feel very mentally healthy.

Negative– There are situations of having a debate with a close relative or friend. Take control of your temper and agitated nature. Avoid any kind of travel. Because there is a possibility of accident.

The business– There is a lot of hard work and some changes that need to be done in the field. If someone is thinking of investing, then the time is favorable. If you accept the conditions that are going on in the job right now, then this time will pass easily.

Love– Mutual relationship between husband and wife will remain cordial. Do not ignore the activities of the child and the association of their friends, etc.

Health– The body will feel a state of lethargy and fatigue. Consume more and more Ayurvedic things.


Positive– Decisions taken by yourself this week will prove to be reasonable. So, instead of paying attention to others, believe in your work capacity. If a debate is going on with a relative, then it is the right time to resolve it. At this time both the house conditions and luck are working in your favor.

NegativeSometimes, your authority and full tone of anger hinders your actions. Therefore, it is very important to keep your nature comfortable and moderate. Your contribution is necessary to maintain a good relationship with the brothers.

The business– There is a situation of any kind of loss in business this week, so be cautious in all activities. Do not let outsiders interfere in your work. Job occupations are becoming the sum of any profitable journey for individuals.

Love– There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. Negative things can increase controversy in love relationships. Therefore, maintain sweetness in nature while behaving.

Health– Due to the problem of migraine and cervical problems, the routine will be disturbed. Therefore, avoid taking catering for fried and fried foods.


Positive– Due to the changing environment, some policies that you have made, they will prove to be beneficial for you. It would be better to invest money in insurance and investment related works as well. Spend some time being self-centered in contemplation and thinking about yourself. This will give you answers to many of your questions.

Negative– Do not do money lending transactions. Do not spend any time in activities outside the house, as no proper result of this is going to be achieved. Along with making plans, it is also very important to give them work.

The business– Work in a partnership business as planned. Otherwise problems may arise. There is a need to bring some changes in the field, reforming the architectural rules will make the environment more positive.

Love– Husband-wife relationship will be cordial. Do not waste your time in idle fun.

Health– Unbalanced eating may cause stomach upset. Which will also affect your work capacity.


Positive– Before doing any task, consider the positive and negative aspects of it, this will make many things go smoothly in your favor. There will also be faith in religious work and spiritual work.

Negative– Keep in mind that a relationship with a close friend or neighbor can worsen a small matter. Do not expect more profit in land related work, because in the desire of more, there will be loss.

The business– The time has come to implement some of the changes planned. This will improve functioning. The occupation of people may be tense due to excess of work.

Love– Family life will be happy. And, love relationships will also be strengthened. A pleasant feeling will give you the energy to concentrate on your work.

Health– There is a situation of any kind of infection happening. So keep your immune system strong.


Positive– Time will be spent to cater to the needs of family people and do shopping etc. Some of the busiest daily routines will also take time for relaxation and fun. Relatives will also come in the house.

Negative– Some people may spread rumors against you to make you emotionally weak with a feeling of jealousy. Beware of such people. Students can be dissuaded from their studies. They will be more focused in outdoor activities.

The business– Profitable conditions are being created this week, so make a plan to complete your important work at the beginning of the week. Those involved in real estate can be profitable deals. There will be a discussion about any specific work with your colleagues in the office.

Love– There can be a difference of opinion about something with a life partner. In time, sit together and solve it. Otherwise things can get out of the house.

Health– Health will be fine. But, do not be careless about food.


Positive– You will try to improve the conditions more by your confidence and ability. Success will also be achieved. If there is any kind of property related problem, then focus your attention on it this week. Surely success will be achieved.

Negative– The advice of outsiders and friends can prove to be harmful for you. Therefore, do not trust their smooth things and keep your decision paramount. There is also a need to work very hard towards the tasks.

The businessAvoid the risk of taking any kind of risk in business, because there is a possibility of loss at this time. When making any type of investment, keep in mind your budget. Job promotions continue to be appropriate for individuals. Therefore, stay fully focused towards your work.

Love– There may be conflict between husband and wife on any family issue. Work wisely and do not let the things of the house be revealed outside.

Health– Diabetes and BP related problems may increase due to changing weather. Get your regular checkup done and get proper treatment.


Positive– There will be some plans related to the transaction of the property. There will be arrival of close relatives in the house. There will be a happy atmosphere with mutual interaction. Some of your special talents will come in front of people. By which your honor and respect will also increase in the society.

Negative– Keep in mind that there is a possibility of some debate with the brothers regarding any ancestral property. But, with a little care and understanding, the circumstances will be managed. Students should maintain full concentration on their studies.

The business– This week will be spent collecting marketing related tasks and payment etc. Also strengthen your relationship with business parties, because you can get great achievements.

Love– Some stress may arise in the house by the intervention of an outsider. It would be better if family members sit together and solve the problems.

Health– Excessive running and running will cause fatigue and headaches. Keep taking rest from time to time as well.


Positive– This week you will feel your inner strengths. So your mental state will be very positive. People will also be convinced of your talent. Arrival at home of a loved one will bring happiness to all people.

Negative– Do not trust anyone more in the matter of property. If you keep your decision paramount, it will be appropriate. Keep in mind that ego and stubbornness can lead to a profitable plan. It is very important to take care of the health of the elderly as well.

The business– There is a need to take extra precautions in the field. You will be troubled by accidental expenses. An opponent may also try to confuse you, but your positive thinking can help you move forward in the field. The youth will also get employment opportunities.

Love– Your family will stand with you in difficult times. Their support will help you. One may have to face disappointment in love affairs.

Health– Any problems related to allergies and stomach can be irritating. Avoid going into the polluted environment.


Positive– You will be able to deal with any difficult task thoughtfully and in a peaceful manner. You will be inclined towards spiritual and religious works. Your humble nature will be respected in relatives and society.

Negative– Sudden debate can arise on an issue from a close person. Because of which you are prone to defamation. Do not interfere in the matter of others and do not get entangled with anyone else, otherwise you may get into some trouble while sitting.

The business– There is a need to be very vigilant in professional work. A little inadvertence or mistake may have to bear the brunt of it. People will try to take advantage of your humility wrongly.

Love– Relationship with life partner will be sweet. Any old friendships can result in love relationships.

Health– Changing weather can have a negative effect on your health. So do not be careless. And keep your routine restrained.


Positive– There will be some important plans related to renovation or alteration in the house. For this, it will be appropriate to follow the rules of Vastu. The misunderstanding that was going on in the family about property or any other issue can be resolved with the mediation of someone.

Negative– Advice from senior and experienced people of the house will prove beneficial for you. But, avoid taking any kind of behavior or advice from strangers. Do not use hate speech with anyone, it can spoil the relationship.

The business– There is no possibility of getting some better results in the field right now. There is a need to change some policies related to work right now. The company will benefit from having an important job of a job person. Because of which one can also be honored.

Love– The relationship between husband and wife will remain positive and cooperative. Keep love relationships restrained.

Health– Changing weather can have an impact on health. Therefore it is very important to be careful.


Positive– Regardless of the people, keep your focus on the tasks according to your mind. You will definitely get success. Will actively participate in social activities. Due to which some people of negative instinct will try to make trouble for you, but their conspiracy will fail, so do not worry.

Negative– Must pay attention to the advice of senior and elderly people at home. You can get any important advice. Which will prove to be beneficial in future. But, keep your mind restrained and do not let the ego dominate you.

The business– Planet positions are providing a particularly great time for you in business this week. However, using them depends on your efficiency. The economic situation will be better than before. Your promotion is also ensured in the job on the strength of your proper work capacity.

Love– Family life will be pleasant. But, stay away from extramarital affairs otherwise there may be trouble in your house.

HealthPeople related to diabetes and blood pressure should take special care and get regular checkups done.

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