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Chandra Grahan November 2020 Date and Time | Eclipse Effects Astrology | Lunar Eclipse Effects on Zodiac Signs (Rashi) Taurus Gemini Cancer Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Aquarius Pisces | चंद्रमा के सामने होगी धूल जैसी परत, भारत मे न दिखने के कारण इसका धार्मिक महत्व भी नहीं

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  • Chandra Grahan November 2020 Date And Time | Eclipse Effects Astrology | Lunar Eclipse Effects On Zodiac Signs (Rashi) Taurus Gemini Cancer Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Aquarius Pisces

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One month ago

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  • The eclipse eclipse is a common astronomical phenomenon; It is seen with astronomical instruments, it does not even have religious significance.

There will be a lunar eclipse on Monday November 30. Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, says that there will be no sutak period due to it being suborn. If not seen in India, it will not affect the people here. Despite this eclipse, all religious and auspicious works can be done. Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon from a scientific perspective. Which has an effect on the weather. At the same time, according to astrology, the effect of such eclipse is on all zodiac signs.

The lunar eclipse on the full moon of Kartik month will be in Taurus and Rohini constellation. The ominous effect of which will be on the people of Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius. At the same time, people with Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will be saved from inauspicious effects.

Where and when will this eclipse be seen
These lunar eclipses can be seen in North, South America, Pacific Ocean, Australia and eastern part of Asia continent. The time of this eclipse at 1:04 pm Indian time, the first touch from the shadow. At 3:13 pm, there will be a lunar eclipse. At 5:22 in the evening there will be the last touch from the subterfuge.

What is the occult lunar eclipse
In addition to a full and partial eclipse, there is also a subcastle eclipse. In such a lunar eclipse, there is no shadow of the earth on the moon. Which can be seen through astronomical instruments. In this event, the image of the moon is tarnished by entering the Earth’s shadow. When the lunar eclipse begins, the first moon enters the Earth’s shadow, making the moon look dim.

Last lunar eclipse of the year
November 30 will be the last lunar eclipse of the year. Earlier, a similar eclipse took place on July 5, which was not visible in India. At the same time, lunar eclipses that occurred on the night of 5–6 June and 10–11 January, were seen all over the country. In this way, there were four lunar eclipses in a year.

Special coincidence this time on Kartik Purnima
Pt Mishra states that Karthik Purnima is on Monday 30 November. This is the last day of Kartik month. This day is very important in terms of bath and donation. Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga and Vardhamana Yoga will be on this day on Kartik Purnima. These two auspicious coincidences are making this full moon even more special.