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Christmas 2020, 25 December Christmas, we should remember these tips of Jesus to be happy and successful in life | जो लोग भटके हुए हैं और जिन लोगों का स्वभाव बुरा है, उनकी ओर ज्यादा ध्यान देना चाहिए

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  • Christmas 2020, 25 December Christmas, We Should Remember These Tips Of Jesus To Be Happy And Successful In Life

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6 days ago

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  • A shepherd was carrying the youngest sheep on his shoulder, he told Jesus that these sheep repeatedly wander the way

Today is the birthday of the Lord Jesus. This day is celebrated as Christmas all over the world. In his teachings, Jesus Christ spoke most of all for the betterment of others. Know here two such incidents of Jesus Christ, in which it has been told which people we should take more care of …

First story

A shepherd was carrying his youngest sheep on his shoulder. After a while the shepherd took off the sheep, bathed it, dried her hair. Fed the green khas. Jesus saw that the shepherd was very happy. They went to the shepherd and asked, ‘You are very happy to take care of this sheep, why so?’

Gadaria said, ‘This sheep repeatedly wanders the way. That’s why I always keep it to myself. I take very good care of it, so that it does not go away from me and deviates from the path.

Hearing this, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘There is an important formula hidden in his talk. One thing we should also always keep in mind is that more attention should be paid to the wandering people. As this sheep is being treated, the same behavior should be done to the wandering people. Only by keeping this in mind, people walking on wrong path can improve.

Second story

One day the Lord Jesus was sitting and eating food with bad people. Some people told the disciples of Jesus how is your teacher? Eating food with bad people.

The disciples asked the Lord Jesus, ‘Why are you eating with the wrong people?

Lord Jesus said, ‘Tell me one thing, who among the healthy and sick person needs the most physician?

All the disciples said, ‘The sick person needs Vaidya the most.

Jesus said, ‘I am also a physician. Bad people are like patients. To cure the sickness of those people, I sit and eat food with them, live with them. So that even those people can leave wrong work and walk on good path. ‘