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daily rashifal for 19 november, aaj ka rashifal, daily rashifal, chandra in capricorn, guruwar ka rashifal, Thursday rashifal | गुरुवार की रात चंद्र मकर राशि में प्रवेश करेगा, 12 में से 5 राशियों के लिए शुभ रहेगा दिन

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  • Daily Rashifal For 19 November, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Rashifal, Chandra In Capricorn, Guruwar Ka Rashifal, Thursday Rashifal

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2 month ago

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  • People of Aries can get good news on November 19, people of Gemini will think something new today

On Thursday, November 19, the lunar will remain in Sagittarius during the day, but will enter Capricorn at around 8 pm. Due to the Purvashada Nakshatra on Thursday, the name Dhata is being formed. This is auspicious yoga, the work started in it can be successful quickly. Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, what can be the day of Thursday, November 19 for all the 12 zodiac signs?


Positive– The heart will be happy to get any good news from children. And entertainment related programs will also be made. You will have special contribution in the smooth running of family activities. And you will also succeed in that.

Negative– Do not interfere in the actions of the people of the house. There is a need to give everyone freedom according to their wish. This will keep the atmosphere of the house reasonable. Today there can be an argument with neighbor about something. So avoid excessive anger.

The business– Any important authority can be found in the field today. But there may be some interference in the completion of work. At this time, it would be more appropriate to keep patience than to take stress. The youth and students need to work hard in this competition environment.

Love– There will be proper harmony between husband and wife. Love will also intensify in relationships.

Health– Cough, infection like cold may occur. Traditional treatment will be more appropriate at this time.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 6


Positive– If you are associated with political field, then this connectivity will provide some good opportunities for you. So keep your contacts strong. Any stalled property related work can also be solved today.

Negative– Students need to pay more attention to their studies. Today, postpone the use of any type of travel or vehicle. Because there is a possibility of some kind of accident. Do not fall into vain debate with anyone.

The businessAt this time in the field of work, you will be able to solve any problem easily with understanding and understanding. Keep good relations with the employees, this will increase their morale and they will do the tasks diligently. The sources of income will also increase.

Love- Support of your spouse in difficult times will keep you relaxed. Love relationships are soon going to change in marriage.

Health– Health will be fine. Your systematic routine and proper eating will keep you healthy and energetic.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 5


PositiveToday, you will think of moving away from everyday life to do something new. This will relieve your mental and physical fatigue. And you will feel the effect of a new energy inside you. Today is the best day to take important decisions related to finance.

Negative– But before doing any work, think carefully about all its aspects. There is a situation of some money related loss at this time. Do not waste time traveling in vain with friends.

The business– Stay away from tasks of risk instinct. Keep your focus on what is going on in the present moment. Be completely alert while doing any kind of business with unknown people. Because this kind of negligence can harm you.

Love– Husband and wife will remain in love with each other. It will be appropriate to keep distance from opposite sex friends.

Health– Cervical and shoulder pain may arise due to hard work. It is also necessary to spend some time in exercise and rest.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number– 9


Positive– While working on plans like renovation or improvement of the house, be sure to consult the architect. This will bring positivity in your home. Also, it is very important to take care of the budget before doing every work.

Negative– Relationship with a close relative or brother may deteriorate due to property or money related transactions. The mind will also be disturbed due to non-receipt of any precious item. But do not spoil the relationship by doubting anyone.

The businessToday, there will be a lot of busyness in the work area. Completing the order on time will create your credibility in the market. Do not ignore the activities of rivals at this time. The negative attitude of the officers to the employed can be disturbing.

Love– Your cooperation is necessary to keep the atmosphere of the house balanced and happy. Therefore, spend some time in the care of the family.

Health– Digestion may be disturbed due to incorrect eating. Avoid eating and drinking outside.

Lucky color -Yellow

Lucky number– 3


PositiveToday, the political power of a friend can open an important path for you. There will be consultation on important issues. There will also be time spent with the family in recreational activities.

Negative– Some close relationships may be overlooked due to being busy with their personal tasks. Therefore it is also necessary to avoid spoiling our relationship. Also keep an eye on children’s activities and their association.

The business– It is necessary to keep a close watch on the internal activities in the business. An outsider can cause some disturbance to your work area. You will also have to work overtime to organize your files and papers in the job.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Marital life will also remain cordial.

Health– Protect yourself from infections like cough, cold. At this time, it is necessary to follow the current environmental regulations completely.

Lucky color– Badami

Lucky number– 2


PositiveAt this time planetary constellations are bringing some positive changes in your life. You will get great achievements. Seriously work on any task by deliberating it, you will definitely benefit.

NegativeSometimes, your temper and hasty nature creates some problems for you, and also causes problems in relationships with others. Therefore, spend some time in self observation. This will give you an understanding of right and wrong.

The business– Business activities will go on smoothly. Colleagues and employees will also be fully supported. But due to laziness, do not postpone today’s work tomorrow, but try to complete tasks on time.

Love– Happy memories will come from meeting an old friend. Proper harmony will remain in married life.

Health– Health will remain good. But it is not at all appropriate to be careless due to the changing weather.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 3


Positive– You will play a special role in improving bad relations with relatives. And you will also succeed in this. Any achievement on the child side will bring peace and happiness. And to enjoy this happiness, a program can be made for traveling with the family.

Negative– Keep in mind that interfering in the matter of others can lead to a loss in your honor. It would be better to keep your own business. Maintain good relations with neighbors.

The business– Today any important authority can be found in the field. At this time, much hard work is required to fulfill your responsibilities. Your opponents will try to do you some harm. But you will not let them succeed with understanding and confidence.

Love– Due to illness of spouse, family responsibility will also have to be fulfilled. Because of which you will have a heavy workload.

Health– Health will be fine, but you will spend a lot of time in caring for the health of family members.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky color– 6


Positive– Nowadays you will be performing your tasks in a patient and peaceful manner. Because of this nature you will get proper results of your work. And mental peace will also remain. Any stop payment can also be received from anywhere, so keep trying for it.

Negative– It is very important to keep young and students disciplined and decent. Due to negligence these people may deviate from their targets. Handle your important things and documents yourself, do not depend on others.

The business– If you are thinking of starting some new work in the field then it needs to be reconsidered once again. At this time planetary transit is reporting some harmful situations. People will be relieved and relieved due to lightening of office work.

Love– Family harmony will remain appropriate. There is a possibility of getting some kind of slander in love relationship. So be careful.

Health– Due to interruptions in work, there will be a situation like stress and depression. Its proper treatment is Yoga and meditation.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 4


Positive– Today, some time will be spent in activities related to religious and spiritual fields. And by helping the needy people, you will also get mental peace. After a long time, all the members of the household will be very happy by socializing with close relatives.

Negative– Students will be disappointed by failing in their career interview. But do not let negative thoughts dominate you at this time. And then start to achieve your goal. Parents must help in maintaining the self-confidence of their children.

The business– Due to personal busyness you will not be able to pay much attention to the field. But business activities will continue to run smoothly with the help of employees. Job professionals can also get some important authority related to their jobs.

Love– Due to the intervention of an outsider some misunderstandings will arise among the members of the household. It would be better to maintain mutual harmony.

Health– Allergies can worsen the throat. Due to which you will also be troubled by fever.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 7


Positive– In the adverse conditions that have been going on for some time now, suddenly an experienced person will get help, so that you will get rid of your problems. Do not ignore the advice of any experienced person at this time and consider it seriously.

Negative– Any income tax mess can arise. Keep your paper work well organized. Do not let the negative effects of your personal troubles fall on the children. And also refrain from lending money to anyone.

The business– At this time some important situations are being created in your favor in business, so do your tasks with full sincerity. The work going on slow will improve now. Coworkers in the office can cause some harm in your work due to jealousy and jealousy.

Love– The atmosphere of the house will be somewhat tense due to mutual conflict. It is better not to over-stress any negative thing.

Health– There will be problem of gas and acidity. Make sure to have your liver tested.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 8


Positive– The time you have been trying to achieve for a long time, today is the time to achieve its proper results. So keep trying and be optimistic. But it requires extreme discipline and hard work in our daily routine.

NegativeSometimes it will seem as if fate is not supporting. But instead of bringing negativity, change your working system. Must also follow the advice and cooperation of the elders of the house.

The business– Production efficiency in the business will start improving. Economic conditions will also improve. Try to deal with market related tasks at this time. And re-establishing contact with your old parties can also benefit.

Love– Be sure to consult the life partner in your work, which will boost your morale. And there will also be harmony in mutual relations.

HealthPeople with diabetes should take special care of themselves. And it is also necessary to maintain your food habits.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 6


Positive– There will be plans for the purchase or relocation of the property. At this time the planetary position is very favorable for these actions, so keep trying. There can also be talk of marriage related relationship of a family member.

Negative– Do not feel embarrassed if you have to bend to avoid spoiling some close relationships. Keep respect for elders. Students need more hard work to achieve their goal.

The business– Profitable positions are being created in business related to media, printing etc. At this time the home situation is favorable for establishing contacts in remote areas. Therefore, use the time in full.

Love– There will be some discussion between husband and wife about any problem in the house. But its negative effect can disturb the peace and happiness of the family.

Health– Injury or accident is occurring. Drive the vehicle carefully. It would be better not to use the vehicle today.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 3