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daily rashifal in hindi for thursday, 4 march, Aries horoscope for 4 march, and Gemini rashifal in hindi, aaj ka rashifal | गुरुवार को विशाखा नक्षत्र होने से बनेगा प्रवर्ध नाम का शुभ योग, मेष और मिथुन राशि लाभदायक रहेगा दिन

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  • Daily Rashifal In Hindi For Thursday, 4 March, Aries Horoscope For 4 March, And Gemini Rashifal In Hindi, Aaj Ka Rashifal

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  • Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi how Thursday will be for all the 12 zodiac signs

On Thursday, March 4, the lunar will remain in the Libra zodiac throughout the day and will enter the Scorpio zodiac after 10 pm at night. On Thursday, due to Visakha Nakshatra, auspicious yoga is being created named Pravardha. Auspicious work done in this yoga can be successful quickly. On Thursday, chant Lord Vishnu’s mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. Donate turmeric to the planet Guru. Offer yellow flowers on the Shivling and enjoy gram flour ladoos.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi how Thursday will be for all 12 zodiac signs …


Positive- At this time planetary position is creating excellent conditions for you. There will be more focus towards personal and family activities. Important work related to children’s education and career will also be done today.

Negative– Minor discomfort will remain. You may suffer financial loss due to an outsider. Do not give any more debate to any ongoing debate from close relatives.

The businessTime is somewhat challenging from a business point of view, but still you will get the best results because of your hard work and work capacity. Only a little struggle will remain. There may be an altercation with the officials about something in the office.

Love– Due to ill health of the spouse, you will also spend time in home care. Love relations will be full of dignity.

Health– Health will remain good. Only excessive fatigue can lead to weakness and headache.

Lucky color– dark yellow

Lucky number– 9


PositiveToday, with the help of a dear person, you can become a stalled work. You will also be interested in religious and spiritual works. The arrival of guests in the house will lead to more strides and more closeness in the relationship.

Negative– As a situation of quarrel or conflict arises with an outsider, it would be better to concentrate on your own actions without much reconciliation. Do not make any of your plans public to anyone.

The business– Conditions are very favorable for starting any new work. There may be some problems in the machinery and iron related business. There will be an offer to undertake an official visit which will be excellent.

Love– Family atmosphere will remain pleasant and pleasant. Stay away from wrong relationships.

Health– Changes in weather will have a negative effect on health. Don’t be careless at all and keep a systematic routine.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 5


Positive– The results of the work done over time are also appropriate, so do not delay in achieving any achievement in your hands. Your personality and effective speech will leave a good impression on others.

Negative– It is necessary to take some time for family and relatives also, do not let the relations get sour. If you are planning a relocation, it needs to be considered more seriously now.

The business– Activities in business will be normal, but meeting and consulting an experienced person will prove beneficial for you. Changes in the field of work will result in the near future. So be patient.

Love– There will be a good harmony between the husband and wife. An entertaining program will also be made with the family.

Health– Health will be good, but still it is important to follow the rules related to the protection of health.

Lucky color– Badami

Lucky number– 1


Positive– If you are planning to invest somewhere, then it will be good for you. You will also be able to achieve a particular goal with the help of your confidence and morale. The affection and blessings of the elders of the house will remain the capital of life.

NegativeTry not only to waste time in making plans but also to make it work. Being emotional, even a small negative thing can upset you. It is necessary to spend some time with children also.

The business– Improve the quality of your product in the field. A new agreement can be formed, but study it fully on its terms. There is a possibility of getting a better job for the youth.

Love– There can be disputes between husband and wife about something. Keep your behavior restrained and positive.

Health– Health will be fine, but it is important to pay special attention to yoga and exercise.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number– 4


Positive– At the social level, you are going to get a new identity, so increase the scope of your public relations. The workload will be more, but fatigue will not dominate due to success.

Negative– An unexpected expense may come up. Because of which the routine will also be chaotic. Resolve situations with patience and restraint rather than stress. Do not show too much of your achievements.

The business– By working in teams in the field of work, a good system will be maintained, but it is important to keep a close watch on all activities. Job professionals can get stuck in a government matter, so be careful while doing every job.

Love– With family, dinner and dinner program can be made. There will be increased closeness in love affairs too.

Health– The problem of joint pain etc. will increase. Avoid consumption of gas and other things.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Planetary positions are giving more strength to your destiny. Any achievement of children will bring peace and happiness. Shopping for household maintenance items is also possible. Your cooperative behavior will maintain respect in family and society.

NegativeSometimes you can interrupt your work because of your anger and ago. Stay away from the tendency to show off. Keep your behavior smooth. It is necessary to rethink before taking a loan related to property or vehicle.

The business– For some time, due to financial constraints, the work which was stalled, is the right time to start again. During this time, new effective contacts will also be formed which will prove to be helpful for you.

Love– Family environment will be well-organized. A marriageable member is also likely to have a good relationship.

Health– Due to irregular routine, constipation and gas problems can increase. Take light and digestible food and do yoga.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 7


Positive– You will try to make the conditions better with your confidence and understanding. Time will also be spent in maintaining proper family related arrangements. The youth will take their activities related to education and career seriously.

Negative– Due to the advice of outsiders and friends, you can also take some wrong decisions. It would be better to trust your ability only. To save relationships, it is important to bring flexibility in your behavior over time.

The business– Pay more attention to marketing related activities. At this time, increasing the advertising in the business will improve the functioning. Employed people may also have to work overtime due to excess of work.

Love– There will be no doubt about any family issue between the husband and wife. Try to solve problems in a peaceful way.

Health– Any chronic health related problem may arise again. Because of which some will be worried. Get your best treatment.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Due to your balanced routine, most of the work will be completed on time. Because of which the mind will be relaxed. Meeting a religious person will bring positive changes in your ideology.

Negative– Do not take any decision in haste. At this time it is important to keep a close watch on the activities and associations of the children. Handle your important items very carefully, there is a situation of loss.

The business– New working plans will be made, and success will be achieved to a great extent, but do not share your activities with anyone. Invest very carefully in shares and stock markets.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Meeting a dear friend will make old things more sweet.

Health– Your confidence and positive thinking will keep you physically and mentally healthy. And you will feel a lot of energy inside you.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 2


Positive– Today there will be some relief from the troubles going on for some time. You will be able to pay proper attention to your actions. The advice and support of an experienced and senior person will also be beneficial for you. A religious program can be organized at home.

Negative– Due to haste and carelessness, you can also make some mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to keep abstinence. Solve the problems of children in a peaceful manner. Do not attempt to postpone the task further.

Business While finalizing any deal in the business, be sure to consider all aspects of it. Decisions taken in haste will be harmful. At this time, keep the tax related files fully organized.

Love– Do not let any kind of misunderstanding arise in marital relations. It is necessary to take some time to maintain and arrange the house.

Health– Cervical and shoulder pain will disturb. Pay full attention to yoga and exercise.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 1


Positive– Excellent time will be spent in religious and spiritual works today. You will feel mentally positive. Any land dispute can be resolved with the arbitration of someone. Any good information related to children will also be received.

NegativeTry to dispose most of your work at the beginning of the day, as planetary conditions can cause some obstacles later in the afternoon. It will be harmful for you to follow someone’s wrong advice. So take any decision carefully.

The business– Before taking any decision in the tasks of risk tendency, make sure to investigate it thoroughly. A little caution will prove beneficial for you. If there is a plan to bring some changes in the field, then time is good.

Love– In any problem, it would be appropriate to seek the advice of spouses and family members. Close relations will also increase in mutual relations.

Health– Mentally and physically you will feel healthy and energetic. Morale will also remain.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 3


Positive– Renounce your own importance and follow the experience and guidance of the elders and senior people of the household. You will get great success. Income routes will also be paved. Will be happy to get any good information from the children too.

NegativeDo not get involved with anyone without cause. Because it can have a negative effect on your work capacity. Time is not favorable for taking any kind of loan related to land and property.

The business– Do not take any important decision in business matters today. Keep the focus on current activities by not forgetting the old things in partnership related activities, this will improve the business. The office environment will remain pleasant and positive.

Love– There will be proper harmony between family and business. Emotional closeness will also increase in love relationships.

Health– Along with excessive work, it is necessary to take plenty of rest. Spend some time in nature.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 2


PositiveIn spite of busyness, you will make time for your interest related activities, which will make you feel spiritually happy. Keep the advice of experienced people as paramount, it will definitely prove to be beneficial for you.

Negative– Do not get into any debate with neighbors, this can increase the matter. Postpone any travel. Students should not take too much stress towards their studies and prepare for the exam in a relaxed manner.

The business– Instead of doing any new work in the field, pay attention to the current conditions. And time is favorable to speed up your paused tasks. Today beneficial situations are also being created in marketing related works.

Love– Bringing gifts for family members and spending time with them will make the home environment more sweet and happy.

Health– Health will be good, but there will remain concern about the health of any senior member of the household.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 3

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