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daily rashifal sunday, ravivar ka rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily horoscope, kundli rashifal, 6 december rashifal | रविवार को चंद्र सिंह राशि में करेगा प्रवेश, कुंभ राशि के लोगों को बदलनी पड़ सकती हैं योजनाएं

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One month ago

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  • According to the lunar zodiac, how will the day of December 6 be, who will have to be careful

Entering Chandra Singh on the afternoon of Sunday, 6 December. People of Aries, Taurus can get success because of the moon. People of Gemini have to work wisely. The old problems of Leo sign can be solved. People of Aquarius will have to make new plans. Due to Ashlesha Nakshatra on Sunday, an inauspicious yoga named Vajra is being formed. This yoga should work with extra caution.

On Sunday, Aghan month will be the best date of Krishna Paksha. On this day, the Sun should start the day by offering water with copper lotus. Donate jaggery to the sun to needy people.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs on Sunday, December 6…

Positive You will try to improve the conditions more by your confidence and work capacity and success will also be achieved. You will also spend time in meeting the needs of the house. The ongoing misunderstanding from a close relative will also be removed today.

Negative– Your temper and hurried nature will cause trouble for you. So control yourself. The advice of outsiders and friends will be harmful for you. It would be better to keep your decision paramount.

The business– Business activities will remain normal. Maintenance related expenses may increase. Along with income, expenses will also remain. Employment people today may have to do office work at home too.

Love– There will be some discussion between husband and wife regarding any family issue. Instead of anger, it would be appropriate to solve the problem patiently.

Health– For some time, you will get relief from ongoing headaches, migraine problems. Taking care of your health will keep you healthy.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number– 5

Positive– Today most of the time of the day will be spent in religious and spiritual institutions. And you will feel much more mentally relaxed. You can also do some important work. The youth will be happy to get results according to their hard work.

Negative– Appearance can lead to wasteful waste. Conditions are forming with a close relationship with a close relative. To preserve the relationship, it is necessary to maintain a lot of flexibility in your behavior.

The business– Pay more attention to marketing related activities today. And make the contact sources even stronger. There is a need to do business related advertisements at this time. Any important work will be done with the help of influential people.

Love– Cooperative behavior of husband and wife towards each other will strengthen mutual relations. At this time, there will be more closeness in love affairs.

Health– Any chronic disease can arise again, due to which stress will remain. It is better not to be negligent and get proper treatment.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 9

Positive– Improve your present by learning from your past mistakes. At this time most of the tasks will be done according to your mind. Any ongoing debate with the brothers will be resolved by mutual understanding.

Negative– Do not take any decision in haste. It would be better to first outline the plans related to the work. Any kind of false accusation may also be made, keep this in mind.

The business– Keep an eye on every activity in the workplace. Your plans and actions can be spoiled by someone’s intervention. It is better not to share your functional activities with anyone. At this time it would be appropriate to postpone any kind of business trip.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Meeting a dear friend will bring back nostalgia.

Health– Your confidence and positive thinking will keep you healthy. So do not worry about any kind of health.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 8

PositiveToday, due to your balanced routine, most of the work will be completed on time. Meeting a religious person will bring positive changes in your ideology. Students are also expected to get success in interview and career related exams.

NegativeAt this time it is necessary to keep a close watch on children’s activities and company. Instead of wasting your time in wasteful things, also pay attention to your family. Handle your important items very carefully, because there is a fear of losing or getting stolen.

Business New work related plans will be made and will also be successful. There is a possibility of getting a big contract at this time. Daily income will also increase. At this time, do not take interest in share and stock market related works.

Love– Married life will be happy. Love relationships will also become opportunities to result in marriage.

Health– There is a possibility of falling or getting hurt by a vehicle. Use extreme caution. It would be better to spend the day at home.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 6

Positive– The works which were hindered for some time, today they will be solved in a very easy and simple way. time is on your side. Auspicious results of your hard work will be achieved more than expected. The trend will also increase towards religious work.

Negative– But also keep in mind that before doing any work, it is very important to consider the good and bad aspect of it. Solve the problems of children in a peaceful manner. Scolding and angering them can create a sense of inferiority in them.

The business– There is a need for a lot of understanding and understanding while finalizing any commercial deal. Decisions taken in haste will be a loss. Time is better for collecting payment etc. Do not lend money at all.

Love– Due to poor health of spouse, the house will be busy. Therefore, it is necessary to give your support at home also.

Health– Cervical and shoulder pain will disturb. Pay full attention to yoga and exercise.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 6

Positive– There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family due to any good news. The advice and support of experienced and senior people will enhance your personality more. Which will also increase your confidence. A religious event will also be planned at home.

Negative– But do not do any unfair work in the process of getting quick success. Also keep a check on your excited behavior. Suddenly any kind of expenses can come up today. Which will also not be possible to avoid.

The business– Postpone business expansion related work today. Keep your tax related files fully organized. Because there is a possibility of some kind of inquiry. Consider the suggestion of others too seriously.

Love– Try to solve marital issues wisely. Of course, the problem will be solved easily. When dealing with people of opposite sex, take care of decorum.

Health– Problems such as headaches and increased blood pressure may occur due to fatigue. Get your regular checkup done and take proper rest as well.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 2

Positive– Will be interested in works related to religion and karma. If there is a dispute regarding ancestral property at this time, it is likely to be resolved easily by someone’s mediation. You will feel spiritual peace by serving and caring for the elders of the house.

Negative– Sneaking with a close relative can cause sourness. Try to solve any problem in a peaceful manner. Your support will also be needed to maintain the morale of children. Control expenses

The business– Due to the excess of work in the business related to insurance, shares, etc., there will remain busy. And the sources of income will also increase. If you are thinking of bringing some changes in the field, then time is good. Don’t borrow money at all today, otherwise it will be difficult to repay.

Love– In any problem, take the advice of spouse, you will get the proper solution. And there will be closeness in mutual relations also.

HealthStay away from negative tendencies and people. Due to these, your confidence and morale can decrease.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 8

Positive– Today most of the work will be done smoothly. Positive change is coming in time. Make full use of it. Spending some time with people of positive instinct will also make you happy.

Negative– Get most of your work done at the beginning of the day. Because in the afternoon planetary conditions can cause some obstacles. Implementing someone’s wrong advice will prove harmful.

The business– Your influence and influence on the employees in the workplace will remain and production will also increase. At this time there will be an excess of expenses, but due to expansive means of income, there will be no problem related to money. At this time, pay more attention to the quality of your goods.

Love– Married relationships will remain happy. But some misunderstandings can occur in your house due to a friend, so be careful too.

Health– Gas and air related problems like joint pain etc. may remain. Avoid intake of fortified things.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number 3

Positive– There will be proper harmony of fate and karma. Today, your hard work will be successful in completing a specific task. Your work in home and society will also be appreciated. New income routes will also be made. You will also spend time in home care.

Negative– Some people may spread negative rumors towards you with jealousy. Because of which your defamation is also possible. Stay away from a situation like overconfidence at this time. And keep strong relations with friends and relatives.

The business– You will also get the highest results according to your hard work in the field. Right now, time is good from a commercial perspective. But it is also necessary to keep a close watch on the activities of employees and staff.

LoveAlong with work, spend time in home and family care and support. Due to this, the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant and pleasant.

Health– Health will remain good. But do not be careless due to the current circumstances.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 6

Positive– Renounce your importance and follow the experience of the elders and senior people of the house. Doing this will enhance your personality more. You will also have special contribution in religious works. Will be happy to get any good information from the children.

NegativeDo not get involved with anyone without cause. Control your anger and speech too. At this time, a goal may come out of your hand, keep in mind that. Time is not appropriate for taking any kind of property related loan.

The business– Do not take any important decision in business matters today. Keep your focus on the current activities by not overcoming any old issues with the partner. Your opponents should be jealous of your progress.

Love– Due to your busy life partner will have full support at home. And the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant and disciplined.

Health– Excessive work will result in fatigue and sluggish conditions. Pay attention to systematic routine and exercise etc.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 2

Positive– There will be some plans to change the house. Despite the busyness, you will also take time out for your interests. Your efforts in solving children’s problems will be successful and you will prove to be the best parent.

Negative– Do not get into any kind of debate with neighbors, this can increase the matter. The mind will be sad to get any sad news related to a close relative. And it will also affect your work capacity.

The business– Do not make any plans on the future working procedure in the field at this time. It would be better to stay focused on the present situation. A stuck payment can also be met with a little extra effort.

Love– Bringing gifts for family members and spending time with them will make the atmosphere more sweet and happy.

Health– Health will remain good. Do not worry about any kind. But there will be some problems regarding the health of the elders of the house.

Lucky color– Purple

Lucky number– 1

Positive– Complete any task patiently instead of hurry, you will definitely get profitable results. Keep the advice of experienced people paramount. At this time, the paths of profit are also paving.

Negative– Avoid taking any kind of risk. It is important to avoid coming in contact with people of negative tendency while traveling. It is important to consider the good and bad aspects of any decision.

The business– Any new order or deal may be final. But before starting the work, pay more attention to its quality related things. At this time you will also benefit in marketing related work.

Love– There will be emotional relationship between husband and wife. But keep away from wrong relations.

Health– Chest related problems like cough, cold may be present. At this time, it would be appropriate to consume more and more Ayurvedic things.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 9