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disadvantages of Depression, how to overcome from depression, motivational tips about depression | निराश व्यक्ति नकारात्मक विचारों से अपने जीवन को और ज्यादा कठिन बना लेता है, इसीलिए निराशा से बचें

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Yoguru YK Sharma. Discontent remains in the life of a pessimist. He realizes that he cannot do any work. He makes life more miserable with negative fantasies and untold possibilities.

Such a person, while alive, becomes like a deceased person. Despair destroys the happiness and peace of life. There is no excitement in the life of a depressed person. He becomes inactive. Disappointment starts due to financial crisis, failure in examination or business, failure in love affair due to unemployment. The unhappy person sees darkness all around him.

To avoid disappointment, one should maintain self confidence in his mind. Positive thoughts can remove disappointment. If the mind is strong then disappointment cannot dominate you.

Depression can cause the mind to become unstable. One sees negativity in everything. Hope and confidence can overcome disappointment. A goal can be achieved even in difficult situations, but for this we should keep working. If we continue to move forward with patience, we will surely get success. Must succeed.

Failure is the ladder to success We do not fail in defeat, we fail by accepting defeat. It is more important to handle the fall. One should not be disappointed by stumbling, all kinds of obstacles can be overcome with patience.

(Author – Yogaashray Sevayatan is the founder of Naturopathy and Meditation Yoga Center Jaipur, Rajasthan.)