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disadvantages of Ego, life management tips about ego, motivational story about ego, prerak prasang | सभी गुणों का महत्व कम कर देता है अहंकार, इस बुराई से सबकुछ खत्म हो सकता है

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2 month ago

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  • The king told the saint that I can fulfill all your wishes, the saint said that donate one of your things to me

If a person is a donor, helps others, but he also has an ego, then the importance of his good qualities decreases. Everything can be ruined because of ego. In this regard, understand from a folk tale, how can ego cause harm?

In ancient times, a king was very religious. Used to help all people. The subjects also loved the king very much. The king used to donate to the needy people every day. One day a saint arrived in the king’s court.

The king honored the saint. The saint himself got food. The saint was pleased with the hospitality of the king. The king told the saint that Gurudev, today I will fulfill all your wishes. Ask me whatever you want. I will complete everything you say.

The saints understood that the king’s mind is the ego of his wealth. He said that I am a recluse, I do not need anything. If you want to give something, then donate one of your own things to me.

Now the king was wondering what he should give to the saint, the king said that I donate a village to you. The saint should not say, Maharaj, the village belongs to the people living there. You are just the protector of that village.

The king thoughtfully asked that you accept this palace as a donation. The saint said that this too belongs to your state. You work for the subjects by sitting here. This palace is also the property of the subjects.

The king again got into thinking. After much thought, Guruji, I dedicate myself to your service. Make me your servant.

The saint said that not only Maharaj, you have the right of your wife, children and the subjects of this state. I can not keep you in my service.

Hearing the saint’s words, the king got upset, he said that Guruji should tell you, what should I donate to you?

The saint said that Rajan, give me your ego. Because, it is such an evil which a human being cannot easily give up. Ego causes many problems in a person’s life. Ravana, Kansa and Duryodhana also perished due to arrogance. Hearing the saint’s words, the king gave up his ego in front of the saint and said that now I will stay away from this evil.