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Due to Mercury-Venus, there may be changes in the financial and mental condition of many people till 16 November | बुध-शुक्र के कारण 16 नवंबर तक कई लोगों की आर्थिक और मानसिक स्थिति में हो सकते हैं बदलाव

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2 month ago

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  • Due to Mercury and Venus, decisions will have to be taken in all matters, from jobs and business to investment or shopping.

Mercury and Venus will remain in each other’s zodiac until November 16. This position is being formed from October 23. But in the second and third week of November, the effect of these will increase further. In astrology, Mercury has also been called the planet making intelligence, speech, plans, economy, business, conspiracy, calculation and diplomacy. At the same time, Shuk is said to be a planet that gives happiness, luxury, luxury and expenses. Because of these two planets, plans, diplomacy and conspiracy are going on in the mind of every human being for a particular work. Also, conditions related to investment or expenditure of money are also being created. By understanding such planetary positions, transactions, investments, expenses or any work is done, then losses can be avoided.

Diplomacy and Schemes
These planetary positions affect people in many ways. But due to these, political influence and tension is increasing especially in the environment. From the world level to the common people, this effect of planets is happening. Due to this planetary position, everyone is trying to change things around in their own way. For which every person is using speech and diplomacy. Due to the association of Venus and Mercury, many people are spending time in conspiracy, politics, diplomacy and making plans. Therefore every person, from the common people to the special, must take decisions carefully and carefully.

Transactions and Investments
Due to these planets, the economic conditions of many people are also changing. Due to Mercury and Venus it is important to focus on the economic budget. In every case, transaction, investment or expenses will have to be thoughtfully invested. Due to these two planets, some people will gain money, but there can be a situation of money getting tangled. The investment made by some people may be wrong. At the same time, some people can get more benefit at a lower cost.

Shopping and spending
Shopping plans are formed only by the influence of these planets. Due to these, some people can spend more than their savings or planning. Because these planets divert attention from the price at the time of purchase or the price starts to decrease. It is due to these planets that a person becomes more imaginary about the beauty, quality, usefulness and connection of his / her future in shopping. Therefore, the first thing diverts attention from the price of that thing. In this way any person starts to use his savings and resources to fulfill his fantasies.