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Due to the inauspicious yoga, 6 zodiac signs have to be taken carefully and will have to be managed | 2 अशुभ योग बनने से 6 राशियों को सोच-समझकर लेने होंगे फैसले, रहना होगा संभलकर

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2 month ago

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  • 6 out of 12 people will be saved from the inauspicious effects of the stars, new works will be planned and the works will also be completed.

Due to the Visakha nakshatra on Sunday, November 15, the inauspicious yoga name is being created. Due to this, 6 zodiac signs have to be maintained throughout the day. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, some people should not be hasty in making transactions and taking big decisions. There is a possibility of money loss and dispute due to inauspicious yoga. Complications in work may increase, due to which stress and running can occur throughout the day. Apart from these, other 6 zodiac people will be saved from the inauspicious effects of stars. The planned works of the people of these zodiac signs will be completed.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive Today, you can get a proposal to join an important organization. Do not let this opportunity go by hand Also be aware of your own actions. And implement your plans in a confidential manner.
Negative At this time, do not take stress from not getting results according to any work, but it is appropriate to be patient. In the near future, you will surely get proper results of this hard work. Suspecting someone more can also prove to be harmful.
Business You will not be able to concentrate in business today due to your personal work, due to which your important work may stop. At this time, it is very important to do every work in a planned way. Employment people may also have to work at home due to excess of work.
Love- There will be some noises between husband and wife. Take care that the matter of the house is not exposed outside.
Health- Health will remain good. Sometimes there can be tension due to discord in the house.
Lucky color Purple, Lucky number 8

Taurus – Positive Today, most of the time of the day will be spent meeting with close relatives and going to any religious ceremony. After a long time meeting your loved ones will provide happiness and enthusiasm to everyone. And you will be able to focus on your daily routine tasks with renewed vigor.
Negative At this time, it is very important to maintain flexibility and patience in your nature. Because sometimes a situation like doubt and confusion in your nature becomes a cause of trouble for you. There is also a possibility of being furious with a neighbor or friend.
Business Some of the changes you have made in the past in business practice will prove to be profitable. By improving the quality of your work more, orders will also be available in more quantity.
Love- To maintain a pleasant home environment, it is important not to interfere in family matters. Give everyone the freedom to act as per their own.
Health- Health will be fine. Your orderly routine and catering will keep you healthy and energetic.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 3

Gemini – Positive If you are planning to invest somewhere, today is the best day. Obstacles related to the property or any other work can be resolved by a friend, so keep trying.
Negative Stay away from people of negative instinct. Complementing them can also cause you loss of value. Waste works will cost money. At this time the elders of the household also need your care.
Business There will be some stress due to not achieving proper results of your hard work in the field. But the situation is not better now, so it is advisable to maintain peace and patience. Strengthen your contacts with business parties.
Love- Relationship between husband and wife will be normal. Misunderstandings in love relationships can cause some tension.
Health- There will be problems like cough, cold and fever. Do not take care and take appropriate treatment.
Lucky color Yellow, Lucky number 1

Cancer – Positive For some time, the tasks which were hindered, now is the right time to complete those tasks. Today planetary conditions and luck are in your favor, you are going to get proper results according to your hard work and might.
Negative It is very important to keep your thoughts positive at this time. A situation like doubt and skepticism in nature can cause problems for you and others. Today, the economic situation will also be slightly weaker.
Business Friendship with an unknown person will bring more intimacy, and any of his important advice will prove beneficial for your business. New business related contacts will also be formed. But keep your important papers.
Love- There will be mutual harmony among all the members of the house. Love relationships will also intensify.
Health- Make sure to have blood pressure and thyroid tests done. There is a possibility of any such problem at this time.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 5

Leo – Positive Today will be happy spending time with family members shopping for amenities. The cost will be high, but it will not be rubbed in front of everyone’s happiness. Any good news related to a relative will also be found.
Negative Sometimes the narrowness of your thoughts can upset family people. It is important to change your nature over time. Children need to pay attention to their education along with entertainment.
Business There will be trouble in taking any decision in the field of work today. It is better to consult the experienced people of the house. You will definitely get the proper solution. Today, keep any decision related to partnership postponed.
Love- Husband-wife relations will remain sweet. The family atmosphere will be relaxed and happy.
Health- Due to allergies, Najla will be troubled by colds. Take proper precautions and seek treatment.
Lucky color Saffron, Lucky number 3

Virgo – Positive If there is a plan for investment in land, building etc., then implement it immediately as this investment will be a lucky factor for you. The youth and children of the household will fulfill the family responsibilities in the best way.
Negative Negativity can come in thoughts at some time. To maintain positivity in yourself, spend time with good literature and also with good people. Understanding and respecting the feelings of others will make the relationship stronger.
Business Business people deal more in wholesale works than in retail. And at this time, do any transaction with a pucca bill only because there is a possibility of any kind of cheating or misunderstanding. Economically, business activities will be good.
Love- Both husband and wife will not be able to give time at home due to their busyness. But the supportive attitude of the children will keep the atmosphere of the house appropriate.
Health- Excessive work and fatigue can affect your health. It would be better to take some time out for your comfort too.
Lucky color Cream, Lucky number 1

Libra – Positive – May meet political and socially influential persons. Staying in touch with these people will improve your honor and personality and these contacts will prove beneficial in the near future. Your faith in spiritual work will also increase.
Negative Because of your simple nature, a person can seduce you by deriving his meaning. Do not forget to understand the intent of others at this time. And be alert. It is necessary to curb unnecessary expenses.
Business The present time is to focus solely on his business. At this time, expansionary achievements are awaiting you. Employment persons will also have to work in office on the day of vacation.
Love- Married life will be pleasant. Instead of falling in love affair, youth should focus on their career.
Health- Keep your thinking positive. Negative thoughts can also affect your health.
Lucky color White, Lucky number 2

Scorpio – positive There will be enthusiasm and enthusiasm for festival preparations at home. At this time planetary position is in your favor. Therefore, do not waste time, spend your important tasks. You are definitely going to get some achievement.
Negative Keep your thinking and behavior positive, sometimes your suspicious nature will create problems for you. At this time, while planning any travel related plan, be sure to consider all its aspects.
Business Business activities will be better. Time is going well financially. And festival orders will also be available in reasonable quantities. At this time, it is very important to maintain sweetness in practice to take work from the employees.
Love- The family atmosphere will remain pleasant. Mutual relations of young friends will also be harmonized.
Health- Along with working, take care of your health as well. There is also a possibility of any kind of injury.
Lucky color Sky, Lucky number 9

Sagittarius – Positive Being favorable to the economic situation will also increase confidence and morale. Do spend some time with experienced and senior people, this will improve your personality and functioning more.
Negative At this time do not invest your money in lending or investing. Because time is not favorable for these tasks. At this time it is more important to have a behavioral approach rather than sentimental. Otherwise people can take advantage of you.
Business The planetary constellations are making some important achievements for you. Respect and use them fully. You are going to benefit greatly from someone associated with the political field. Any important information related to business expansion will also be received.
Love- There will be tension between the husband and wife regarding any problem of children or home. But by sitting among themselves, a solution will also be found.

Health- Will be disturbed due to indigestion and gas. There is a need to keep your food very organized at this time.
Lucky color Green , Lucky number 6

Capricorn – positive Today, the conditions will remain favorable throughout the day. Prioritize your important tasks. Young people will remain fully devoted to their careers. Any achievement can also be achieved. There will also be a series of meeting with close friends.
Negative In case of family and children, do not over-talk. Let them work based on their experience. This will instill a sense of confidence in them. Your special contribution is needed to maintain a good relationship with the brothers.
Business The day is not perfect for starting any new work. Therefore, put your energy into completing the work that is currently going on. Do not share your working system with anyone.
Love- The ongoing tension between the husband and wife can also affect the family. It is prudent to solve the problem by sitting amongst themselves.
Health- Keep away from people of negative tendency and wrong habits. Spend some time in spirituality and also in nature.
Lucky color Purple, Lucky number 7

Aquarius – PositiveToday, move away from routine routine and spend some time in a secluded or religious place. This will give you spiritual and mental peace. Postpone all important decisions today. Also feel the affection and blessings of the elders of the house.
Negative The excess of family expenses will remain, so curbing extravagance is also very important. It is also very important to support the spouse in family matters, otherwise excessive work can also affect their health.
Business Family people will have full support in business practices and activities. And there will be good system at work. Do not invest in risky activities like shares, betting etc.
Love- The family atmosphere will remain pleasant and disciplined. There will also be proper harmony in mutual relations.
Health- Health will remain good. Positive thoughts will keep you mentally and physically healthy.
Lucky color Sky, Lucky number 5

Pisces – Positive Today is going to give mixed results. Try to normalize things wisely without stressing anything. You will also succeed in this by your ability and understanding. There will be a plan related to religious work in the house.
Negative Interruptions in any of your personal tasks can dominate mental stress. But your problems will have to be solved by themselves. It is good to not have any expectations from any other person.
Business Time is right from a commercial point of view. You will benefit in the work you put in this time. People will also be convinced of your functioning. The opponents’ spirits will also be battered.
Love- Marriage plans will be made for any member of the household. But there can be a problem due to a person of opposite sex.
Health- Will get relief from any chronic disease. There will be relief from the investigation report
Lucky color Blue, Lucky number 4