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  • Easter Sunday on Sunday, by learning of the Lord Jesus, many of our problems can be overcome.

Easter Sunday is on Sunday, April 4. On this day, the Lord Jesus was alive again. He then preached for 40 days. Many of our problems can be overcome by adopting his words. There are many stories related to them. The sources of happiness life are hidden in these stories too.

According to another incident, one day Jesus Christ was eating food with bad people. Some people told the disciples how are your teachers? Eating with bad people.

Even the disciples did not find this right. They asked Jesus, why are you sitting and eating with bad people? Lord Jesus said, tell me one thing, among the healthy and sick person, who is the physician who needs it the most?

Everyone responded that the sick person needed a physician. Jesus said that I am also a physician. Bad people are like patients. In order to cure the sickness of those people, I sit and eat food with them, live with them. So that they too can become good people. Before good people, bad people should tell the right path, because they do not know the right and wrong.

Learning – We should avoid evils and those who are engaged in bad work should try to get them on the right path. This is the religion of humanity.

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