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Friday, 19 february horoscope, shukrawar ka rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily horoscope by dr. ajay bhambi | 19 फरवरी को मेष-वृष राशि को मिल सकते हैं शुभ समाचार, कुंभ-मीन राशि के लोग सतर्क रहें

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There will be positivity for Aries and Taurus on Friday, February 19. Some good news can be found. People of Aquarius-Pisces zodiac will have to work cautiously, otherwise loss may occur. Rath is Saptami on Friday. This festival is celebrated as Narmada Jayanti. On this day, along with the Narmada River, the Sun should also be specially worshiped.

Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, how can Friday be the day for all the 12 zodiac signs based on the lunar sign …


Positive– Today will be spent in the activities of interest. So that you will feel full of energy again. Students can get any good news related to careers.

Negative– Keep in mind that some of your important work may be missed. So do not be careless and it is important to organize your routine. Before making any major investment, be sure to get complete information about it.

The business– It is necessary to keep your supervision in every work in the field. Appropriate results will not be achieved according to hard work, but will remain extremely busy. The circumstances will be very favorable in partnership related business.

Love– Husband-wife relationship will be sweet. But, it is very important to have transparency in love affairs. Minor misunderstandings can result in isolation-like situations.

Health– Mental and physical fatigue will remain. Spend your time in positive activities and keep a systematic routine.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Today you are going to achieve something. Focus on your actions without caring about people. You will get spiritual happiness by helping a needy friend. You will also get an invitation to visit a close relative.

Negative– Postpone any work related to property or vehicle today. Because, at this time planetary transit is not in favor for these works. It is important to keep the mind restrained in any difficult time. Also pay attention to the opinion of elders of the house.

The business– Most of the work at the business site will be completed smoothly. For some time, the works which were stalled due to financial difficulties, will be revived today. Job professionals should have total loyalty to their work, as promotion opportunities are being created.

Love– The atmosphere of the house will be cordial. Suddenly meeting a friend of the opposite sex will make you feel elated.

Health– People related to diabetes and blood pressure should not be negligent at all. Be sure to have your routine checked up. Seek appropriate treatment.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 2


Positive– There is a possibility of marriage proposal of any unmarried member in the house. Meeting dignified people will be beneficial and honorable. At this time planetary positions are creating some new achievements for you. Which will prove very beneficial for you in this.

Negative– Today there will be an excess of expenditure. Stay away from people of negative instinct, otherwise you may deviate from your goal. Sometimes your important and angry nature corrupts the circumstances, take special care of this.

The business– By your ability and ability, you will try to make some changes in your field and will also be successful. New orders and contracts may be received. There will be excess of work over government serving persons.

Love– Due to busy life partner will have full dedication towards the family. Which will keep the atmosphere of the house happy. Close relations will also increase in mutual relations.

Health– Health will be fine. Irritability can sometimes occur just because of excessive workload. Keep your behavior smooth.

Lucky color– Cream

Lucky number– 9


Positive– Appropriate time to bring your important plans to fruition. Work on your economic policies with full confidence, you will definitely get great results. You will also spend proper time in social activities.

Negative– It is time to make full use of our abilities. So do not waste your time traveling with friends and in vain. Suddenly there will be a situation of expenses. Therefore it is necessary to control wasteful expenditure.

The business– With the help of an influential and experienced person, the situation in your field will become better. Now the way of income will be slow, but the auspicious results of current activities will be achieved soon in the near future.

Love– Taking advice of spouse will be beneficial in your work. Close relations will also increase in mutual relations. Intensification will also increase in love relationships.

Health– Do not take care of the health related problems of a senior member of the household. Get treatment immediately.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 8


Positive– By getting some good news today, you will feel confidence and a new energy. State contacts will also prove beneficial for you. Any important travel related plans can also be made.

Negative– There will be anxiety due to tension in the marital life of a family member. Do not let outsiders interfere in your home. Try to guide them in a peaceful way.

The business– It is necessary to maintain proper rapport with the employees in the business. Due to this, proper arrangements will be maintained. There is also a possibility of getting a stagnant payment, so keep trying. Transfer related activities will be stopped in the job.

Love– Due to some misunderstanding between husband and wife, tension can remain. Try to solve the problem in a peaceful way. Entertainment and shopping related programs should also be created to make the family environment happy.

Health– Cervical and muscle pain may arise again. Pay regular attention to exercise and yoga.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 1


Positive– Things are normal today. Because of any of your commendable work, your ability and ability will be praised at home and in society. Students will get proper results of hard work towards a project.

Negative– There may be some kind of mistake while accounting in financial operations, so it is important to be careful. Misunderstandings going on with a close relative will be removed. There will be sweetness in the relationship again.

The business– Manufacturing-related work in the field needs to be more careful. Strengthen contacts with people associated with politics at this time. Do not invest any kind in chit fund related companies today.

Love– Due to the workings you will not be able to devote much time on your married life. But still, there will remain harmony and harmony in the husband-wife relationship.

Health– Unbalanced diet can cause sore throat. Also, there will be trouble like cough, cold.

Lucky color– Badami

Lucky number– 7


PositiveInstead of seeking help from others, put more faith in your ability and ability. Positive and happy conditions are being created for you. Financial condition will also be better. There will also be reconciliation with friends.

Negative– The impact of excess of work can make you mentally and physically tired. Therefore, be sure to consult reliable people in your work. It is also important to keep an eye on children’s activities.

The business– Due to hard work in the field, proper results will also be achieved. However, a problem may arise due to a subordinate employee. Therefore it is necessary to monitor all activities. Employed people also need to be very careful about their work.

Love– There will be proper coordination both at home and business. There will also be enjoyable time with the family in entertainment and fun-related activities.

HealthAlong with work, it is important to take care of health as well. Fatigue can lead to problems such as headaches and migraines.

Lucky color Blue

Lucky number– 5


PositiveToday, the planet transit is on your side. With little care and confidence most of the work will be done smoothly. The youth will also be relaxed in the mind of any achievement.

Negative– Use appropriate words when talking or behaving in any form. Abusive language can cause a relationship to deteriorate. It will be appropriate to suspend any property related work today.

The business– Do not take interest in risky tasks. Focus your attention on the present tasks. There is a need to improve the quality of work at this time, as there is a possibility of any order being canceled. You will be able to fulfill your target under the guidance of high officials in the job.

Love– The relationship between husband and wife will remain sweet. Keeping distance from wrong relationships will be appropriate for your personal life.

Health– There will be complaint of pain and strain in the nerves due to fatigue. Take proper care of your health, otherwise trouble may increase.

Lucky color– Purple

Lucky number– 4


Positive– Today the financial situation will improve. Time is favorable for starting a new beginning in a relationship. Time is coming with some mixed effects, but making it great depends on your ability.

Negative– There may be conflict with siblings regarding any family issue. In case of any indecision, please consult the elders of the house. Stay away from extravagance and make proper budget.

The business– There is not much chance of improvement in the present circumstances in business. It is necessary to be very careful in money related transactions. Can make plans for the start of a new job. There will be new possibilities in the job.

Love– The atmosphere of home family will be pleasant. Suddenly meeting an opposite sex friend will feel amazingly happy.

Health– Any type of infection and skin problem may increase. Get your treatment done by a qualified doctor. It would also be appropriate to resort to Ayurveda.

Lucky color– Orange

Lucky number– 3


PositiveToday, your service and cooperation towards any religious organization will give you spiritual happiness. If a case related to ancestral property is stuck, today it is likely to be resolved easily. Appropriate time will also be spent with family for shopping etc.

Negative– The advice of outsiders or friends can be harmful for you. So keep your business sense and do not discuss more with others. Unnecessary wasteful spending can also harm due to appearances.

The businessAt this time it will be beneficial to pay more attention in marketing related work. There is a need to increase your contacts even more. Do not invest in risky activities. Spending on maintenance related activities will also increase.

Love– There will be tension between husband and wife on any family issue, but instead of seeking advice from others, try to solve it yourself, it will be better.

Health – Hereditary diseases can arise again. So do not be careless, keep your systematic routine.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Today will be spent in the work related to the convenience of the house and shopping of essential items. The blessings and affection of the elders of the family will remain on the family. Most of the work will be relaxed and relieved.

NegativeAccording to the child’s mind, the result of not coming results can cause tension, but at this time it is important to maintain the child’s morale. Things will be somewhat opposite in the afternoon, so it would be more appropriate to spend this time with patience and patience.

The business– Your influence and influence will remain in the business sector. Relations with the employees will remain cordial, due to which the production capacity of the work may increase. But, it is important to pay more attention to quality of goods at this time.

Love– Marital relationship will be sweet. The closeness will also increase in love relations.

Health– Will feel physically and mentally unwell. Stay away from people of negative instinct.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Today, any special work will be relaxed in the mind. Appropriate time will also be spent in social work related activities. Spend some time also in socializing. These contacts will prove beneficial for you.

Negative– By getting some good news negative thoughts will arise in your mind, but don’t worry, soon you will be able to control them. Some people may criticize you with jealousy. However, it will not have any negative effect on you.

The business– Today will be more spent in outdoor activities and marketing related work. But, do not take any kind of carelessness even in the work area. Otherwise there is a possibility of some loss due to employees. Job conditions remain favorable for the people.

Love– Married life will be happy. There will be some tense situations in the case of love affairs. It is important to respect each other’s feelings.

Health– Health will be fine. Fatigue can dominate only because of workload. However there will be no decrease in your confidence and confidence.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 9