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good friday 2021, motivational story of Jesus, prerak katha, we should remember these tips for happiness in life | जो लोग बार-बार रास्ता भटक जाते हैं, बुराइयों में फंस जाते हैं, उन पर ज्यादा ध्यान देना चाहिए

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  • Good Friday 2021, Motivational Story Of Jesus, Prerak Katha, We Should Remember These Tips For Happiness In Life

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  • Lord Jesus explained to the disciples how to treat bad people

April 2 is Good Friday. This day is very special for Christianity. On this day, the Lord Jesus was crucified. There are many such stories of Jesus Christ, in which the sources of happy life are told. Know here one such incident …

One day the Lord Jesus was traveling with his disciples. On the way, they all stopped at a place to rest for some time. There was a shepherd carrying his youngest sheep on his shoulder. After a while, she took off the sheep, bathed it, dried her hair. The shepherd fed green sheep to the small sheep. The shepherd looked very happy. Jesus Christ was watching all this very carefully.

After some time they reached that shepherd and asked him that you look very happy by taking care of this sheep, can you tell what is the secret of this happy?

The shepherd said that whenever I leave this little sheep, it goes into the forest and wanders the way there. My other sheep come home every evening, but these sheep do not come back on their own. That is why I pay special attention to it, take care of it, so that it stays with me and does not even try to leave me. If you go somewhere or else the path will not be lost.

On hearing of the shepherd, Jesus Christ told his disciples that there is a deep secret hidden in his talk. Always keep in mind that those who are lost, we should pay more attention to them. Just as this shepherd treats this sheep, the same treatment should be done to the wandering people. The way of humanity is lost, that is, we are trapped in evils, people who hurt others, they need to pay more attention to bring such bad people on the right path.

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