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Guru Rashi Parivartan (Transit in Aquarius) 2021; Rashifal Of Jupiter Transit (Astrological) Predictions For Kumbh, Sagittarius Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini And other zodiac signs | 21 जून तक नौकरी और बिजनेस में 5 राशियों को मिल सकता है किस्मत का साथ

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  • Guru Rashi Parivartan (Transit In Aquarius) 2021; Rashifal Of Jupiter Transit (Astrological) Predictions For Kumbh, Sagittarius Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini And Other Zodiac Signs

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  • Jupiter in Aquarius will remain till September 14, but its effect will change after about two and a half months.

Jupiter will be in Aquarius from April 6 to September 14. After this, you will come back to Capricorn. But on November 21, it will again move to Kumbh. In this way, due to frequent changes in the Guru’s move, it will also have an auspicious effect on all zodiac signs.

The astrologer of Puri, Dr. Ganesh Mishra explains that from April 6 to June 21, the planet Guru will move at a straight speed and will remain in Aquarius. With this effect, people with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Capricorn can get luck in jobs and business. There may be promotions and desired relocation in the job. Help will also be available from the authorities. Apart from these people doing business can get stagnant money. There is also a possibility of growth in business. Luck can also be found in many cases, including transactions and investments.

3 zodiac signs including Kumbh will have to be maintained
In these days, Jupiter will have mixed effects on Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius people. Time will be normal for the people employed and doing business of these 3 zodiac signs. At the same time, people with Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces will have to be careful. People of these 4 zodiac signs will have to avoid risk and haste in particular. Investment and transaction decisions must also be taken carefully and in consultation with an experienced person. People associated with politics of these zodiac signs have to take special care.

According to Jyotishacharya Dr. Ganesh Mishra, the result of 12 zodiac signs

Aries: Jupiter planet of this zodiac will be beneficial. One can get rid of the old problems of jobs and business. Wealth is becoming the sum of profit. Everyday tasks will be completed in time. New plans will be made and success will also be found in them.
Taurus Decisions can be made in special cases related to property. Happiness will increase. Vehicle shopping will also be added. The hard work of people who are employed and doing business will increase. Enemies will prevail. Saving can be over. There will be mixed time.
Gemini: Changing the zodiac of the guru will give you the benefit of old hard work in the job and business. There are also chances of getting stagnant money. There will be help from people working around and together. Health will improve. Anxiety related to children will be removed. Travel to far off places can also be done.
Cancer: Due to Jupiter’s zodiac change, people of this zodiac will have to be careful. Wealth is becoming the sum of loss. Saving can be over. Investing will be avoided. There is a possibility of any secret of job and business being revealed. Be careful in property related matters.
Lion: Jupiter will have auspicious effects on people with this zodiac sign. The old disputes between the people of this amount and those doing business can be resolved. There will be benefit in everyday work. You will also get full fruits of hard work. Health will improve. The prestige will also increase.
Virgo: Due to Jupiter, people with this zodiac may face obstacles in their property-related work. Yogas are being formed. Some of the daily tasks will be settled and some work may get interrupted. Stopped money can also be found. Try to avoid conflict in job and business.
Libra: People with this zodiac sign will get luck in jobs and business. Beneficial plans will be made. Health will also be good. Help will come from friends and brothers. You will get full benefit of your hard work. Old plans will work.
Scorpio: People with this zodiac have to be careful. There is a possibility of money loss and saving due to Jupiter. Plans of jobbers and business people may be revealed. You will not be able to benefit from this. Raj’s words may also be revealed. Investments and transactions have to be avoided.
Sagittarius: Due to Jupiter, this zodiac’s hard work can increase in jobs and business. But health will improve. Some work will also get success after interruptions. Luck will support you in job and business. Everyday tasks will be completed. Important property-related matters will also be resolved.
Capricorn: Changes are being made for the benefit of wealth by changing the zodiac sign of Guru. Victories can be won over enemies. Chances of getting success in jobs and business are being made. People from far off places will get help. Changes are being made in the job. There are also chances of getting help from friends and brothers.
Aquarius: Jupiter’s zodiac changes can increase expenses and decrease profits. One has to be careful about health. There may be interruptions in everyday work. Luck will be found only in working. Work on new plans may be delayed.
Pisces: Changing the zodiac of the Guru can cause health problems. Race will increase. Spam may change in job and business. Enemies can annoy. Complications can increase in property matters.

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