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Guruwar tarot rashifal, 31 December horoscope, Thursday horoscope, Aries and Taurus tarot rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, aaj ka taro rashifal | मेष राशि के लोग 31 दिसंबर को नकारात्मकता से बचें, वृष राशि के लोग बड़ा निर्णय लेते समय ज्यादा सतर्क रहें

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  • Guruwar Tarot Rashifal, 31 December Horoscope, Thursday Horoscope, Aries And Taurus Tarot Rashifal, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Aaj Ka Taro Rashifal

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  • According to Tarot Cards, how will the last day of 2020, who will get success

Today is December 31, the last day of 2020. According to Tarot Cards, people of Aries today have to avoid negative thoughts. People of Taurus will want to take a big decision, so be cautious. Minor negligence can also be harmful. According to tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh, know how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs on Thursday, December 31…


You will need to balance both the positive and the negative in you. Due to the circumstances being against you, the negative effects of personality will have more influence on you. Do not take any decision in anger. One has to try to erase the feeling of increased revenge towards the people.

Career : Discussing work related information with all the people can harm you.

Love : Due to your nature you may have to face the resentment of the partner.

Health : Leg related discomfort may occur.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 2

Taurus – THE TOWER

You will find a way to eradicate the things that were haunting you. Do not panic when making decisions related to money. Due to a mistake in testing people, you may suffer a little loss today. But, remember to keep learning and keep moving forward.

Career : You may be harmed due to trusting the wrong person at your place of work.

Love : Relationship related tensions will increase due to the behavior of family members.

Health : Can irritate the stomach and indigestion.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 6


Trying to forget things related to the past time will be successful. It may be possible for you to maintain distance from people who have problems with you. Try to maintain personal scope as well. Care will need to be taken with family friends.

Career : Career related problems will be overcome due to getting a new job.

Love : Through the efforts of the partner, a big crisis that can be built on you can be averted

Health : Do not ignore stomach discomfort.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 3


Being busy with work can make it difficult for you to focus on some important things. The situation will be in your favor at the moment. But, it will also require more hard work. Money can be easily earned. So take full advantage of the opportunity. Stay away from laziness

Career : Due to completing important work ahead of time, you can get a mental solution.

Love : The efforts of unmarried people will get fame.

Health : Apprehension of a metal object.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 5


You can find out any positive thing related to important work. The thing you have been waiting for a long time. Progress related to that will be seen. A person living away from the family may try to return home. You may get any news from a person living abroad.

Career : The stuck things related to business will get the worthy path.

Love : It may be possible for you to take decisions related to children together with a love partner.

Health : Health can worsen due to stress and anxiety.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 8

Virgo – THE SUN

Your efforts will get fame. Today will be a positive result for the students. Job seekers can get job related news.

Career : You will have the opportunity to show leadership qualities at work.

Love : The love between the partner and you will grow.

Health : Children may suffer from infection.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 5


Plenty of fun done. Spending can cause problems for you. There will need to be more awareness of money and personal life. The stress on you is reducing. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of loss due to not being able to pay full attention to the work.

Career : Individuals from the commerce sector will need more attention while working.

Love : The surprise you give to the partner will enhance the sweetness in the relationship.

Health : Tightness in the body may be felt.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 1


Try to end the old quarrels with the family. If a property-related case is going on in court, it will have to be eradicated by mutual reconciliation, as the decision related to the case may take more time to be in favor of anyone. Which will cause more money loss.

Career : Have to try to maintain your place of work.

Love : Do not interrupt your ego when discussing a topic with a partner.

Health : Increased blood loss in the body may cause more problems in future.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 9


You will need to work out of your comfort zone. You may face apathy due to lack of support from anyone. Still, you have to learn to be self-sufficient by maintaining confidence in yourself.

Career : Work related responsibilities will increase and due to short time the stress of completing the work also.

Love : You will receive full support mentally by the partner.

Health : Women will need to be more aware of their health.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 3


Avoid giving information about debates happening in the house to outside person. Because of sharing excessive talk about your personal life with friends, they are getting wrong opinion about you. Therefore, the person will need to test and tell his words.

Career : Merchants may benefit financially, but expenses may also increase. Therefore, take decisions related to money carefully.

Love : You can get surprise by partner and friend family.

Health : Health can worsen due to wrong eating habits.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 2


Today all your wishes can be fulfilled. There is a possibility of sudden money gain by a former acquaintance friend or distant relative. Youth can easily gain fame in their field.

Career : You will get qualified guidance and ideas to present your business in a new way to the customer.

Love : Feelings will need to be openly spoken to the partner.

Health : Swelling can increase on the body due to sitting for long hours.

Lucky color : rose.

Lucky number : 4


It can be painful for you to take responsibility for everything on your own. Pay more attention to the things that are important to you. Unless people ask you for help, then avoid going outside your scope and helping anyone.

Career : You may get hurt due to work related conspiracy.

Love : Increased relationship stress due to partner’s ego.

Health : Health related problems may increase due to lack of lifestyle.

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky number : 5