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Hariyali Amavasya: Plant This Special Trees To Bring Happiness And Mon – Hariyali amavasya: आज रोपें ये विशेष पौधा, सालभर घर आएगी खुशहाली और पैसा

Hariyali amavasya: Today’s very special coincidence

According to astrology, Hariyali Amavasya is becoming auspicious auspicious on 1 August, Thursday. On this day, Guru Pushya Yoga is being formed by the combination of Guru and Pushya Nakshatra for 12 minutes. Along with this, Sarvarthi Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Pushya Yoga and Siddhi Yoga have also been made to provide all these types of achievements. On this auspicious occasion, the person brings his good time. Remedy taken on this day will prove to be very beneficial and you will also get crores of times. So let’s know what to do on this day …

Sawan: With this special measure in the spring, please Shri Krishna, will be blessed by children like Krishna.

hariyali amavasya 2019

Plant greenery according to your zodiac on the new moon day (rashi anusar upay) ….

Aries – Mango, Akaua, Neem
Taurus- Palash, Paras Peepal
Gemini – Apamarga, Vat
Cancer- Palash, Ashoka, Vat
Leo- Well, rosewood, sweet neem
Gooseberry, guava
Libra – Jaissam, Jackfruit, Sycamore
Scorpio-Karanja, Well, Amla
Sagittarius – Sycamore
Capricorn- Bamboo
Aquarius – Shami, Khejdi
Pisces – Peepal, Palash

The gate of this temple will open after 364 days, otherwise you will have to visit it again, wait 364 days

hariyali amavasya 2019

Hariyali starts on the new moon festival

Hariyali Amavasya is considered a festival for the protection of nature and plantation. On this day trees are worshiped and pledge is always taken to protect them. Apart from this, the carousel festival will begin from this day. During this, they are decorated daily in Radha-Krishna temples in different formats and it is celebrated till Rakshabandhan i.e. Poornima.

With this, the Savarn month of Maharashtrian society also starts from the day of green moon Amavasya. From this day onwards, they perform pooja and also keep Sawan Monday fast.