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Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima, every full moon of the year is a festival in itself | फाल्गुन पूर्णिमा पर मनाई जाती है होली, साल की हर पूर्णिमा अपने आप में होती है पर्व

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  • Due to Purna Tithi, success is found in the work done on every full moon, on this date, donations come from Akshaya.

Purnima is the 15th date of Shuklapaksha. That is, the last day of the party. On this day, the moon is full and with its 16 arts. This date is called a festival in the scriptures. Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna are worshiped on this day. Bathing is done in pilgrimage or holy rivers. The donation and fasting done on this day brings about the Akshaya fruit.

Falgun Purnima: Spring Festival
The full moon date of the month of Phalgun falls during the spring season. Hence it is also called Vasantotsav. Holika Dahan is done on this day. According to some mythological beliefs, Lakshmiji appeared on this day from the churning of the ocean. Therefore, special worship of Lakshmi is done in some places of the country.

Importance of full moon in astrology
The full moon date is when the moon differs from the Sun from 169 to 180. Its owner is Chandra Dev himself. In the full moon period, the sun and the moon are completely face-to-face. That is, a composite sum is formed by the position of these two planets. The special name of Poornima is Soumya. This is the date of completion That is, the full work of the auspicious work done on the full moon results. The astrological texts state the direction of the full moon date.

The festival is held on the full moon of every month
Holika Dahan festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phalgun month. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on its next month i.e. on the full moon of Chaitra. Vaishakh Purnima is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. Vat Savitri is observed on Jyestha Purnima. The full moon of Ashadh month is called Guru Purnima. Rakshabandhan is a festival on the full moon of the month of Shravan.

Uma Maheshwar is observed on the full moon day of Bhadrapada. The full moon of Ashwin month is called Sharad Purnima. Guru Nanak Jayanti festival is celebrated on the full moon of Kartik month. Dattatreya Jayanti festival is celebrated on the full moon of Margashirsha month. Paush Purnima is celebrated as Shakambhari Jayanti. Sant Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Magh. It is called Maghi Purnima.

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