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Idols dols of shri Ganesh which makes you lucky

There are five such idols of Ganesha …

Vastu Shastra gives some special information about the flow of positive and negative energy in the house. It is believed that with positive energy, on one hand there is good peace and peace between family members and on the other hand, negative energy on the other hand increases illness, financial troubles and estrangement in the house. Apart from this, even if you work hard, you do not get favorable results.

It would be surprising to know that within Vastu Shastra there are remedies related to cutting disease, finding happiness, finding peace and happiness in the house, and even family planning. People use them from time to time to bring happiness and prosperity in the house, in relation to such a remedy, Vastu’s knowledgeable composition, Mishra says that Vastu has a great connection with Shri Ganesh.

According to him, there are five such idols of Ganesha, which if kept in the house, then wealth and prosperity definitely comes in that house.

First worshiper Shri Ganesh ji is considered auspicious and auspicious in every form, but still it is considered very beneficial to have these 5 types of Ganesh idol in the house.

According to Mishra, the idol of Ganesha made of mango, peepal and neem must be brought to your house and it should be installed on the main door of the house. This brings positive energy to the house, which is considered to be a growth factor in wealth and happiness.

: While the other special idol is made of cow dung, according to the belief that such idol of Ganesh ji is considered as a money-boosting factor. You can keep such an idol of Ganesha in your house.

Whereas, for extra benefit, you should bring home the idol of Shwetark Ganesha on Sunday or Pushya Nakshatra and worship them regularly. This will make all your stalled work and at the same time it is considered auspicious for wealth. This soon indicates signs of money gains.

: Apart from this, the idol of Ganesha made of crystal has been considered very effective in removing Vastu defects. Although this idol is quite expensive, but even if you take a small idol made of this metal, which suits your pocket, it will still prove to be fruitful.

In addition to this, in other suggestions, the same idol of Goddess Lakshmi ji can be placed along with the crystal idol of Ganesh ji. Lakshmi ji, who has been considered the goddess of wealth herself, comes running to her house with both wealth and good luck.

But if you are unable for any reason to bring an idol from the market, then you can also make an idol of Ganesha yourself. But keep in mind that for this you should use only pure substances.

If you are going to make the idol yourself, then in this way, make a statue of Ganesha using turmeric. Make it sit at the place of worship and worship it regularly. It is believed that the idol of Ganesha is considered very auspicious and pleasing.