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If you want peace at home, avoid anger, anger control tips, how to control anger, motivational story in hindi | घर में शांति चाहते हैं तो गुस्से से बचें, विवाद हो तो धैर्य बनाए रखें और सोच-समझकर बात करें

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2 month ago

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  • When the saint reached alms, a person asked why do people quarrel? Saint said that I have not come to answer your useless questions

Whenever the relationship in a relationship deteriorates, chances of debate increase. Anger should be avoided to maintain peace at home. In a situation of debate, be patient and talk thoughtfully, only then can the situation become normal.

According to a folk tale, in the olden times a person came to the saint to ask for alms. The person donated rice and said that Guruji, I want to know why people quarrel?

The saint kept quiet for some time and said, thinking that I have come here to take alms, did not come to answer your useless questions.

The person became angry on hearing this. He did not expect such an answer from the saint. He started thinking what kind of a saint he is, I have donated it and he is giving me such an answer. The person angrily told the saint to be angry.

After some time the person’s anger subsided, then the saint said that as soon as I told you something bad, you got angry. You shouted at me in anger, if I get angry in this situation then there is a fight between us.

The saint explained that anger is the root of the quarrel. If we do not become angry, there will never be debate. One should try to control anger, then there is happiness and peace in life. One should always be patient and talk more thoughtfully in the event of a dispute.