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importance of Coordination between husband and wife, peace in life, motivational story of kabirdas, kabir das ji story | पति-पत्नी के बीच तालमेल बहुत जरूरी है, तभी वाद-विवाद नहीं होगा और सुख-शांति बनी रहेगी

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  • Importance Of Coordination Between Husband And Wife, Peace In Life, Motivational Story Of Kabirdas, Kabir Das Ji Story

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5 days ago

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  • A person said to Sant Kabir, ‘My wife quarrels with me every day, tell me the solution to overcome this problem’.

Saint Kabir preached daily to his disciples and to others. One day after the sermon was over, a man approached Kabirdasji and said, ‘My wife quarrels with me every day. How can I overcome this problem? Please suggest a solution that will make my married life happy.

Kabirdasji remained silent for a while, then he said to his wife, ‘Bring the lantern light.’ The wife did the same.

That person was sitting there. He started thinking that it is now noon, why has the lantern been called?

After some time Kabir said to his wife, bring something sweet to eat. ‘ This time his wife left with salty instead of sweet.

After this Kabirji asked the person, ‘Do you understand the solution to your problem or not?’

The man said, ‘Gurudev did not understand anything, you have not told anything yet.

Kabir said, ‘When I asked my wife for the lantern, she could say that what is the need of the lantern in such an afternoon? But he did not ask so. He thought that a lantern would be ordered for some work. That is why she left quietly.

After some time I ordered sweet from my wife and went away with salt. I may have been silent thinking there might not be anything sweet in the house. It is very important to have a mutual bond between husband and wife. Both should understand each other’s feelings. One should behave according to the circumstances and avoid debate.

The man understood that Kabirdasji did all this to convince him.

Kabir said, ‘If the husband makes a mistake, the wife should correct it and if the wife makes a mistake, the husband should correct it. The synergy should be maintained. This is the formula for a happy, calm and successful life. Husbands and wives who take care of this are always happy.