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importance of sant in life, motivational story of gautam buddha, buddha prerak prasang, story in hindi | संत-महात्माओं की संगत से नकारात्मकता दूर होती है और बुरी आदतों से मुक्ति मिल सकती है

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  • A person found a divine flower in the pond, his wife said that Gautam Buddha must have come from here, that is why this flower has blossomed, the person thought that he would sell these flowers to the king.

There is a story related to Gautama Buddha. One person saw a very divine flower in the pond. He had his house near the pond. He went to his house and told the wife about the flower.

The husband took the wife to the pond and showed her the flower. The wife was a woman of religious temper and also had faith in Gautama Buddha. The woman said that the Buddha must have come here, that is why it has fed such a beautiful flower.

Seeing the flower, the husband thought that why not give these flowers to the king, in return he will get a reward from the king. If he told this to his wife also, the wife also said yes to this work.

The person broke the flower in the pond and started to give it to the king. On the way, a businessman saw the flower, then he said that give me this flower and take hundred currencies. The person said that I will give these flowers to the king, I will get more money from them.

The person did not listen to the businessman and went ahead. After some time, Raja was passing by his soldiers along the same path. When he saw the divine flower in the person’s hand, he said that give it to us and take thousand postures in return. On hearing this, the person got a change of heart. He immediately ran and reached the Buddha.

The person offered flowers at the feet of Buddha. He told the Buddha that a Tathagata flower can be so divine and valuable to you, so I am a human being. If I stay in your company then my life will be blessed. After that he also became a disciple of Buddha.

Negativity is eradicated by the company of saints and we are freed from all evils.

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