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importance of self confidence, motivational story in hindi about courage, inspirational story to get success | खुद पर भरोसा रखें और लड़े बिना हार नहीं माननी चाहिए, सकारात्मक सोच से हर परेशानी हल हो सकती है

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  • A king’s kingdom was attacked by many enemies at once, the king’s commander said that our defeat is certain, then the king made a saint the commander.

In the past, a king’s neighboring states wanted to usurp his kingdom. For this, enemy kingdoms joined the other enemies of the king and called forces to attack.

All the enemies had come together. Due to this, his army became very large. When the king came to know about this, he got nervous. The king immediately reached his commander. The commander was also frightened.

When the commander heard about the army of enemies, he told the king that now our defeat is certain. The number of enemies is quite high. Our army will not be able to face them. We should give up already. By doing this, everyone’s life will be saved.

Hearing these things, the king’s worries increased. He immediately reached his master. Guru was a very learned saint. The king told the whole thing to the Guru. The saint said that Rajan should first put the commander in action. The job of a commander is to increase the enthusiasm of the army, but it is only weakening the morale of the army.

The king asked that if we put the commander in jail, then who will be made the commander. Guru said that I will represent your army i.e. from now on I am the commander. Hearing this, the king did not understand what to do and what not to do. But, there was no other way than to listen to the Guru. The king obeyed the saint and removed the general.

The saints arrived in front of the army and went on to fight a war with the army. When a temple came on the way, the saint said, “Wait a while, I come by asking God whether we will win this war or not.”

The army was surprised to hear that how would the stone idol respond? But, everyone knew about the saint that they have been worshiping for years, then it is possible that they will have a conversation with God.

After some time the saints came back and they told the army that God has said – if you see the light in the temple tonight, then understand that your army will win. It was going to be evening at that time. The whole army began to wait for night. When it started getting dark, all the soldiers saw that there were lights in the temple. On seeing this, the morale of the entire army increased and everyone started saying that God is also with us. Victory will be ours only.

The next day the army broke down on the enemies with full morale. In a few days, the condition of the army of enemies became very bad. Some soldiers fled the field and some surrendered. In this way the king’s army won the war.

When the army was returning to its kingdom after winning the war, the same temple returned on the way. The saint told the soldiers that I lit a lamp here that day. Due to the day, the light of the lamp did not appear, but when the light of the lamp started to appear when it got dark, then the morale of you all increased. And, this is the morale we won.

Learning If there is enthusiasm in the mind then no work is difficult. Great things can also be successful if done with morale. That is why always be positive and avoid negative thoughts.